Three words to describe myself: Energetic, Bubbly, Friendly
Why I wanted to become an Outrider: I have wanted to become an Outrider since I was about 10 years old. I always admired professional cheerleaders for their community involvement, professionalism, and their athletic abilities. Being a competitive dancer growing up, I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to audition to cheer for the best team in the CFL.
Favourite subject in school: English
Best concert I’ve been to: A tie between Chris Stapleton and Mumford & Sons
Proudest achievement to date: Graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Calgary.
Favourite thing about Calgary: Living so close to the mountains, the amazing community, the major sporting events and concerts, and of course, the Calgary Stampede
Favourite restaurant: Anejo
Favourite iPhone App: Instagram
Most prized possession: My childhood memories
Top Outrider appearance to attend: Our “Every Yard Counts” experiences at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.
Talent I most wish I had: I wish I could play the guitar.
Reality TV show I’d most like to be on: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team
Favourite day of the year: Christmas
Favourite book: Beautiful Ruins – Jess Walter
First thing I’d buy after winning the lottery: My dream trip to Europe
My biggest inspiration: My parents
Dream job: A lawyer
Celebrity I’d like to meet: Carrie Underwood
One thing on my bucket list: Audition for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and cheer in an NFL game