Taylor D

Three words to describe myself: Self Driven, Sensible, Outdoorsy

Why I wanted to become an Outrider: Volunteering opportunities, cheering for the Stampeders, being a part of such an incredible team and being able to do dance and perform

Favourite subject in school: Math

Best concert I’ve been to: Beyoncé

Proudest achievement to date: Obtaining a job with Alberta Health Services

Favourite thing about Calgary: The culture, the frequent opportunities, and being near the mountains, lakes and rivers.

Favourite restaurant: Sushi Ichiban

Favourite iPhone App: Instagram

Most prized possession: My dog “Wall-e”

Top Outrider appearance to attend: Hike for Hospice

Talent I most wish I had: Photographic memory

Reality TV show I’d most like to be on: Amazing Race

Favourite day of the year: May the 4th

Favourite book: Being Mortal by Atul Gawande

First thing I’d buy after winning the lottery: Pay for my upcoming education

My biggest inspiration: All of my family members – each one of them for a different reason

Dream job: Nurse

Celebrity I’d like to meet: Russell Crowe

One thing on my bucket list: Visiting and touring Rome