Beginning with offensive lineman/linebacker Craig McLeod in 1971, 38 members of the University of Calgary Dinos have gone on to play with the Stampeders. From the time McLeod joined the Red and White in 1971, there has been at least one Dinos alum on the Stamps roster in every year, with the exception of the 2000 season.

Of the 39 Dino-Stamps, 27 also played high-school football in Calgary. This group includes Walter, Greg Vavra, Stu Laird, Bob Viccars, Darrell Moir, Tom Spoletini and Tony Spoletini.

A total of 12 U of C alumni who played for the Stampeders captured Grey Cup titles while in uniform for the Red and White including Matt Walter, Dan Federkeil and Anthony Parker on the 2014 championship team.

Name Years w/Stamps
Brian Belway 1986-87
Brock Balog 2001
Don Blair 2002-03
Andrew Buckley 2016
Mark Dewit 2012
Dan Federkeil 2013-present
Bruno Geremia 1987-88
Wayne Harris Jr. 1982
J.P. Izquierdo 1997
Ian James 1989
Andy Jonassen 1976-80
John Kalin 1997
Darcy Kopp 1986-92
Darcy Krogh 1981
Harry Kruger 1981-83
Stu Laird 1985-96
Chris Lewis 1997
Tyler Lynem 2004-07
Scott MacArthur 1981-83
Blake Machan 2003
Brent Matich 1989-91
Craig McLeod 1971
Rohn Meyer 1996-99
Darrell Moir 1979-85
Don Moulton 1972-75
Tim O’Neill 2008-11
Anthony Parker 2011-present
Tim Petros 1984-90
Roger Reinson 1994-99
Mike Siroishka 1988
Tom Spoletini 1985-90
Tony Spoletini 1989, 1991
Willie Thomas 1977-79, 1983-84
Bob Torrance 1991-92, 1995
Dave Van Belleghem 1998
Greg Vavra 1984-85
Matt Walter 2012-15
Kent Warnock 1987-92
Craig Watson 1988-89