In a tradition that started in 2015, a designated Stamps player leads the team out of the tunnel proudly carrying and waving the team flag. The flag-bearers for each home game are chosen by the team captains, which only adds to the honour of carrying the flag.

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Player Date Flag
QB Bo Levi Mitchell June 26 2014 Grey Cup Champions
LS Randy Chevrier July 13 Stampeders
DB Brandon Smith July 18 Stampeders
DB Adam Berger Aug. 1 Stampeders Retro
LB Juwan Simpson Aug. 15 Stampeders
OL Shane Bergman Sept. 7 Stampeders
K Rene Paredes Sept. 18 Stampeders
OL Pierre Lavertu Oct. 10 Stampeders
DB Keon Raymond Oct. 31 Stampeders
LB Deron Mayo Nov. 15 France
LB Max Caron June 11 Stampeders
LB Alex Singleton July 1 Canadian
REC Bakari Grant July 29 Stampeders
DL Ja’Gared Davis Aug. 4 Stampeders
RB Charlie Power Aug. 28 Stampeders
DB Shaquille Richardson Sept. 5 Stampeders
REC DaVaris Daniels Sept. 17 Stampeders
LS Pierre-Luc Caron Sept. 24 Stampeders
QB Andrew Buckley Oct. 15 Stampeders
DB Jamar Wall Oct. 15 31 for Mylan Hicks
DB Joshua Bell Oct. 21 Stampeders
DE Charleston Hughes Nov. 20 Stampeders