Mobile Ticketing continues for the 2023 season, allowing you to access, manage, and scan your game tickets using myStamps Account.

Click the links below for walkthrough guides on how to use your myStamps Account to view your game tickets on your mobile device, and how to transfer tickets to friends, family members, or colleagues.

How to Log into your MyStamps Account

How to exchange Tickets or Flex Pack

How to Transfer Tickets using your Desktop

We strongly recommend that all fans and Season Ticket Members add their game tickets to their phone’s wallet (Apple Wallet or Google Pay Wallet) prior to game day to be able to view and scan your tickets with ease when you enter McMahon Stadium without requiring data or wifi. Details on how to add tickets to your wallet can also be found under “Mobile Ticketing” in your myStamps Account.

Get started now by logging in to your myStamps Account!

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Team at 403-289-0258.

Mobile Ticketing FAQ

How will I get my tickets for the 2023 season?
In 2023, we will be using Mobile Ticketing exclusively for you to access, manage, and scan your game tickets using myStamps Account. This will allow you to enter McMahon Stadium by scanning your ticket directly off your mobile device.

How do I access my Mobile Tickets?
You must log in to your myStamps account to access your tickets. To view your game ticket for scanning and entry, log in to myStamps Account on your mobile device to view your ticket. You will also be able to add your tickets in advance to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay to view with ease when you access the gates at McMahon Stadium.

Will I still be able to print tickets at home and bring that to the game with me?
You will not be able to print tickets from home. Tickets can only be accessed using a mobile device through your myStamps account.

What do I do if I am unable to access my Mobile tickets?
Please contact the Customer Service Team (403-289-0258 or for assistance with accessing your Mobile Tickets.

Can I transfer my seats to someone?
Yes, you are still able to transfer your tickets.

Mobile Ticketing allows you to transfer your individual game tickets to a friend, family member, or client – the same way you have been able to in past seasons.

Can I still resell my seats on Ticketmaster if I am unable to attend a game?
Yes, for seats in sections C-I and P-V, you are still able to resell your tickets through Ticketmaster. Log in to your myStamps Account in order to post your seats for sale.

Can I still exchange my tickets from a missed game to a future game?
Yes, you can exchange any unused games or upcoming games for additional tickets to any game in the regular season. In 2023, you will be able to exchange your tickets directly through myStamps Account. If you have any questions please contact the Customer Service Team.

Am I still able to donate my tickets to Kids Up Front?
Yes. You will be able to donate your tickets to Kids Up Front directly through your myStamps Account.

Will I be able to leave tickets for someone at Will Call?
Mobile Ticketing allows you to transfer tickets directly to friends, family members, or clients without having to leave them at Will Call. Since all tickets are viewed on mobile devices, there will not be any physical tickets to leave at Will Call.