While we wait for the new season — is it June yet? — let’s relive some of the highlights of the 2017 campaign courtesy of the Play of the Year Showdown, presented by TELUS.

We’re asking you the fans to analyze 16 big plays from last season and to vote for your favourite. The last highlight left standing will be the Play of the Year Showdown winner!

It’s time to determine the winner of the Play of the Year!

Up first, we have Roy Finch! He’s earned a spot in the finale because of a fantastic punt return touchdown run he broke on Labour Day, where he sliced and diced his way through Edmonton Eskimos defenders.

Following Finch is punter Rob Maver! Proving that punters are people too, Maver was able to pull the ball down, eluding what would have been a vicious punt block, and run for 30 yards and a first down against the BC Lions.

So which of these two plays is your favourite? Watch the video below and vote for the play you liked the best!