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December 2013

 Dec 30 Released import defensive back Derrius Brooks
Dec. 20 Re-signed non-import receiver Jabari Arthur
Dec. 18 Signed non-import offensive lineman Brander Craighead
Dec. 16 Import quarterback Kevin Glenn selected by the Ottawa Redblacks in the 2013 CFL Expansion Draft
Non-import offensive lineman J’Micheal Deane selected by the Ottawa Redblacks in the 2013 CFL Expansion Draft
Non-import safety Eric Fraser selected by the Ottawa Redblacks in the 2013 CFL Expansion Draft
Dec 5 Re-signed import wide receiver Maurice Price


November 2013

Nov. 18 Released import defensive lineman Kevin Huntley
Released import running back Clifton Smith
Released import receiver Kenny Stafford
Released import defensive lineman Oren Wilson
Released import defensive lineman Earl Okine
Nov. 6 Signed import defensive lineman Oren Wilson


October 2013

Oct. 31 Released import quarterback Tim Jenkins
Released import running back Stefphon Jefferson,
Released import receiver Kamar Jorden
Released import defensive back Jamar Hornsby
Oct. 22 Signed import quarterback Tim Jenkins
Oct. 14 Signed import defensive lineman Earl Okine
Released import DL Martin Parker
Oct. 2 Signed import running back Stefphon Jefferson,
Signed import defensive lineman Martin Parker
Signed import receiver Kamar Jorden
Signed import defensive back Jamar Hornsby
Signed import defensive back Buddy Jackson
Released import running back Jonathan Williams


September 2013

Sept. 27 Released import receiver Alric Arnett
Sept. 14 Signed import running back Clifton Smith
Signed import receiver Jeff Fuller
Sept. 9 Released import receiver Greg Carr
Sept. 5 Released import defensive back Demetrice Morley
Released import quarterback Ryan Perrilloux
Released import running back Denodus O’Bryant


August 2013

Aug. 28 Signed import linebacker Glenn Love
Signed import receiver Kenny Stafford
Signed import receiver Alric Arnett
Aug. 21 Released import linebacker Akeem Davis
Aug. 20 Signed import running back/kick returner Denodus O’Bryant
Signed import linebacker Akeem Davis
Aug. 16 Receiver Yannick Morin-Plante returned to university
Fullback Charlie Power returned to university
Aug. 13 Signed non-import fullback Wilkerson DeSouza
Aug. 5 Signed non-import receiver Spencer Armstrong
Released import defensive lineman Marvin Booker
Traded non-import offensive lineman Steve Myddelton to BC Lions for a conditional 2014 CFL Draft pick


July 2013

July 16 Signed import defensive lineman Freddie Bishop
July 8 Signed import receiver Greg Carr
Released import offensive lineman Na’Shan Goddard


June 2013

June 26 Signed import defensive lineman Kevin Huntley
Released import defensive lineman Luis Vasquez
June 22 Released import defensive lineman Stevie Baggs
Released import defensive back Troy Butler
Released import running back LaMarcus Coker
Released non-import running back Wilkerson DeSouza
Released import defensive lineman Kevin Dixon
Released import receiver Josh Jarboe
Released import receiver Brandon Kinnie
Released non-import defensive lineman Andrew Marshall
Released import receiver Khalil Paden
Released import defensive back Romeo Pellum
June 18 Signed import defensive back Jonathan Hefney
June 16 Released import offensive lineman Leonardo Bates
Released import receiver Josue Paul,
Released import receiver Shaky Smithson
Released import receiver Terence Jeffers-Harris,
Released import defensive lineman Aronde Stanton,
Released import linebacker Rod Davis and
Released import defensive back Jerett Sanderson
Released import defensive back Jalil Johnson
June 11 Signed import defensive lineman Kevin Dixon
Signed import receiver Josh Jarboe
Signed non-import offensive lineman Dale Stevenson
Released import quarterback Jimmy Coy
Released import receiver Raymond Webber
Released import defensive lineman Swanson Miller
Released import defensive back Reggie Jones
June 6 Released non-import offensive lineman Stu Van Dusen
June 4 Signed import receiver Khalil Paden
Released import receiver Donavon Kemp
June 2 Signed import defensive lineman Shawn Lemon
Signed import quarterback Jimmy Coy
Released import defensive lineman Kevin Dixon


May 2013

May 29 Signed non-import offensive lineman Brett Jones
Signed import receiver Brandon Kinnie
Signed import defensive lineman Swanson Miller
Signed import defensive back Jalil Johnson
Released import defensive lineman Moe Fountain
May 28 Signed import defensive lineman Marvin Booker
Signed import offensive lineman Leonardo Bates
May 27 Signed import quarterback Ryan Perrilloux
Signed import running back Jonathan Williams
Signed import receiver Josue Paul
Signed import defensive lineman Micah Johnson
Signed non-import offensive lineman Stu Van Dusen
Placed import defensive lineman Elisha Joseph on the retired list
May 23 Signed import receiver Donavon Kemp
Signed import defensive lineman Aronde Stanton
Signed import defensive back Jerett Sanderson
May 22 Signed import receiver Tim Hawthorne
Signed import defensive back Troy Butler
May 21 Signed non-import fullback Charlie Power
Signed non-import receiver Yannikc Morin-Plante
Signed non-import defensive lineman Ben D’Aguilar
Signed non-import offensive lineman Shane Bergman
Released import defensive lineman Markell Carter
Released import defensive lineman Wayne Dorsey
Released import defensive lineman Alex Watkins
Released import linebacker Demetri Stewart
Released import defensive back Jeremy Caldwell
Released import defensive back Gary Wilburn
May 6 Acquired non-import defensive lineman Etienne Legare from the Edmonton Eskimos in exchange for a fourth-round selection
in the 2013 CFL Canadian Draft


April 2013

Apr. 25 Signed non-import defensive lineman Andrew Marshall
Placed non-import receiver Dalin Tollestrup on the retired list
Apr. 8 Acquired non-import offensive lineman Dan Federkeil from Toronto in exchange for non-import linebacker Akwasi Antwi


March 2013

Mar. 15 Signed import defensive lineman Moe Fountain
Signed import receiver Raymond Webber
Mar. 14 Signed import defensive back Reggie JonesRomeo Pellum and Gary Wilburn
Signed import defensive back Romeo Pellum
Signed import defensive back Gary Wilburn
Mar. 13 Signed import quarterback Darron Thomas
Signed import linebacker Alvin Bowen
Signed import defensive back Jeremy Caldwell
Placed import defensive lineman Dorian Smith on the retired list
Mar. 12 Placed non-import linebacker Marc Calixte on the retired list
Mar. 11 Signed import defensive lineman Markell Carter
Signed import defensive lineman Wayne Dorsey
Signed import defensive lineman Elisha Joseph
Signed import defensive lineman Alex Watkins
Released non-import offensive lineman Obby Khan


February 2013

Feb 26 Signed non-import linebacker Yannick Carter
Feb. 25 Signed free-agent import linebacker Rod Davis
Released import defensive lineman Anwar Stewart
Released import receiver/kick returner Jason Armstead
Feb. 15 Signed import offensive lineman Stanley Bryant
Feb. 8 Signed non-import receiver Dalin Tollestrup
Feb. 7 Re-signed non-import safety Eric Fraser
Placed non-import receiver Arjei Franklin on the retired list
Feb. 5 Signed import receiver Terence Jeffers-Harris
Signed import linebacker Demetri Stewart
Released import defensive lineman Chris McCoy


January 2013

Jan. 30 Signed non-import defensive back Adam Berger
Released import receiver Romby Bryant
Released import defensive lineman Kenny Pettway
Placed non-import offensive lineman Jonathan St-Pierre on the retired list
Jan. 29 Re-signed import kick returner/receiver Larry Taylor
Jan. 28 Re-signed non-import defensive lineman Junior Turner
Jan. 24 Re-signed import receiver Marquay McDaniel
Jan. 22 Re-signed import linebacker Deron Mayo
Jan. 17 Re-signed non-import defensive lineman Justin Phillips
Jan. 16 Re-signed non-import linebacker Karl McCartney
Jan. 10 Re-signed non-import kicker Rene Paredes