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December 2014

Dec. 15 Re-signed international defensive back Brandon Smith


November 2014

Nov. 14 Signed national running back Bo Palmer
Nov. 6 Released international quarterback Nathan Stanley
Released international offensive lineman Nyere Aumaitre
Released international defensive back Ryan Mouton
Released international linebacker TraShaun Nixon


October 2014

Oct. 22 Signed national receiver Chris Bauman
Released international defensive lineman Quinton Spears
Oct. 13 Signed international quarterback Nathan Stanley,
Signed international offensive lineman Nyere Aumaitre,
Signed international linebacker TraShaun Nixon,
Signed international defensive lineman Quinton Spears and
Signed international defensive back Ryan Mouton
Signed international defensive back Brandon Underwood
Released international quarterback Casey Pachall
Released international linebacker Alvin Bowen


September 2014

Sept. 30 Signed international defensive lineman Brandon Jordan
Sept. 26 Released international defensive lineman Caesar Rayford
Sept. 24 Signed international receiver Kamar Jorden
Sept. 23 Signed international defensive lineman Caesar Rayford
Sept 17 Signed international quarterback Casey Pachall
Sept. 10 Signed international defensive lineman Frank Beltre
Released international defensive lineman Corvey Irvin
Sept. 3 Released international defensive back Brandon McDonald


August 2014

Aug. 28 Released international running back Tory Harrison
Aug. 20 Signed international defensive lineman Corvey Irvin
Aug. 13 Signed international running back Tory Harrison


July 2014

July 28 Signed international running back Hugh Charles
July 16 Signed international defensive back Brandon McDonald
Released international defensive back Torin Harris
July 11 Released international defensive back Ryan Steed
July 7 Signed international receiver Eric Rogers


June 2014

June 27 Signed international running back Martell Mallett
Released international receiver Jeremy Horne
June 21 Released international offensive lineman Korian Chambers
Released international defensive lineman Kevin Dixon
Released international receiver Robert Holland
Released interntaional running back Martell Mallett
Released national receiver Yannick Morin-Plante
Released international receiver Marcus Rucker
Released international quarterback Rusty Smith 
June 15 Released international receiver Damian Ford
Released international receiver Aldarius Johnson
Released international linebacker Trent Mackey
Released international receiver Damon McDaniel
Released international defensive back Jeff Richards
Released international defensive lineman Monte Simmons
Released international defensive back Dee Webb
June 11 Signed import receiver Jeremy Horne
Signed import defensive lineman Monte Simmons
Signed import defensive back Torin Harris
June 10 Released import defensive lineman Brandon Williams
Released import defensive lineman Kayvon Sherrill
Released import defensive back Darrian Skinner
Released import defensive back Otis Merrill
June 6 Released import linebacker Gerald McRath
June 4 Signed import quarterback Rusty Smith
Signed import linebacker Trent Mackey
Released import quarterback Brian Hudson
June 2 Signed import defensive back Jeff Richards
June 1 Released non-import receiver Michael DiCroce


May 2014

May 29 Signed non-import offensive lineman Pierre Lavertu
Signed non-import defensive back Adam Thibault
Signed import defensive lineman Kayvon Sherrill
May 27 Signed import linebacker Maalik Bomer
Signed non-import linebacker Max Caron
Signed non-import offensive lineman Joe Circelli
Signed non-import kicker/punter Tyler Crapigna
Signed non-import receiver Michael DiCroce
Signed import defensive lineman DeQuin Evans
Signed import receiver Damian Ford
Signed import receiver Robert Holland
Signed import receiver Aldarius Johnson
Signed non-import fullback Brian Marshall
Signed import receiver Damon McDaniel
Signed import linebacker Gerald McRath
Signed import defensive back Darrian Skinner
Signed non-import defensive lineman Quinn Smith
Signed non-import defensive lineman Derek Wiggan
Signed import defensive lineman Craig Wilkins
May 23 Signed import quarterback Brian Hudson
Signed import quarterback Bryant Moniz;
Placed import quarterback Adrian McPherson on the retired list
May 21 Aqcuired import defensive back Dee Webb from Hamilton in exchange for a conditional 2015 draft choice
Signed free-agent import defensive back Lin-J Shell
Released import defensive back Jonathan Hefney
Released import receiver Tim Hawthorne
May 8 Signed import receiver Sederrick Cunningham
Sigend import receiver Marcus Rucker
Signed import offensive lineman Korian Chambers
Signed import defensive lineman Brandon Williams
Signed import defensive back Jeremy Williams
Released non-import fullback Wilkerson DeSouza
Released non-import receiver Chris Bauman
Released import defensive back Coryell Judie
Released import defensive back O’Hara Fluellen
Released import linebacker Kyle Voss
Released import linebacker Keith Pough
Released import defensive lineman Joe Sykes
Released import defensive lineman Brandon Johnson
Released import receiver Raymond Radway
Released non-import linebacker Ryland Smith


April 2014

No transactions this month


March 2014

March 25 Signed import defensive lineman Brandon Johnson
Signed import defensive back Ryan Steed
Mar. 14 Signed import defensive lineman Kevin Dixon
March 3 Re-signed import defensive end Charleston Hughes


February 2014

Feb. 28 Signed import linebacker Kyle Voss
Signed import defensive back Otis Merril
Feb. 25 Acquired a fifth-round pick (40th overall) in the 2014 CFL Draft from Montreal in exchange for import kick returner Larry Taylor
and a 2014 fifth-round pick (43rd overall) and the deal also included conditional 2015 draft picks
Signed import kick returner Jock Sanders
Feb. 24 Signed import defensive lineman Joe Sykes
Feb. 13 Re-signed import linebacker Deron Mayo
Feb. 12 Signed import defensive back Joshua Bell 
Re-signed non-import receiver Anthony Parker
Feb. 11 Traded non-import defensive lineman Justin Phillips and a third-round pick in 2014 (23rd overall) to Ottawa in exchange for
third-round picks in 2014 (19th overall) and 2015;
Non-import receiver Johnny Forzani, import linebacker Malik Jackson, import defensive lineman Cordarro Law,
non-import defensive lineman Etienne Legare and non-import receiver Anthony Parker became free agents
Feb. 10 Signed import linebacker Keith Pough
Signed import defensive back O’Hara Fluellen
Traded the rights to import defensive back Chris Randle and the third-round pick in 2014 (26th overall) to Winnipeg in
exchange for a third-round pick in 2014 (24th overall)
Feb. 4 Re-signed import defensive lineman Demonte’ Bolden


January 2014

Jan. 31 Re-signed non-import offensive lineman Spencer Wilson
Jan. 30 Re-signed non-import long snapper Randy Chevrier
Jan. 29 Placed non-import offensive lineman Dimitri Tsoumpas on the retired list
Jan. 28 Re-signed non-import fullback Tim St. Pierre
Jan. 27 Re-signed import defensive back Keon Raymond
Jan. 23 Signed non-import linebacker Ryland Smith
Signed non-import linebacker Akeem Whonder
Jan. 22 Re-signed non-import defensive back Jeff Hecht
Jan. 21 Signed import defensive back Coryell Judie
Signed import receiver Raymond Radway
Jan 20 Re-signed import defensive back Fred Bennett 
Jan. 17 Re-signed import receiver Joe West
Jan. 16 Re-signed import defensive back Jamar Wall
Jan. 15 Re-signed non-import fullback Rob Cote
Jan. 14 Re-signed import quarterback Drew Tate
Re-signed import quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell 
Jan. 13 Re-signed import receiver Jeff Fuller 
Jan. 10 Re-signed import linebacker Juwan Simpson
Jan. 9 Signed import running back Martell Mallett
Jan. 8 Signed non-import running back Charlie Power
Signed non-import receiver Yannick Morin-Plante
Signed non-import offensive lineman Brad Erdos
Jan. 7 Signed import quarterback Adrian McPherson
Jan. 6 Acquired non-import receiver Simon Charbonneau-Campeau in a trade with Hamilton in exchange for non-import receiver Spencer Armstrong