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December 2018

Dec. 21 Signed national offensive lineman David Brown, national kicker Gabe Ferraro, national defensive back Dagogo Maxwell and national running back Atlee Simon
Dec. 20 Signed national defensive back Zacary Alexis and national linebacker Brad Friesen
Dec. 19 Signed national receiver Michael Klukas, national receiver Austen Hartley, international receiver Armanti Foreman, and international linebacker Warren Long
Dec. 18 Signed national linebacker Riley Jones
Dec. 12 Signed national defensive lineman Michael Kashak, national offensive lineman Justin Lawrence and national defensive back Royce Metchie
Dec. 10 Signed international offensive linemen Nila Kasitati, international  offensive lineman Justin Renfrow, international defensive back DaShaun Amos and international defensive lineman Chris Casher
Dec. 6 Signed national long-snapper Pierre-Luc Caron, punter Rob Maver, national fullback Ante Milanovic-Litre, national kicker Rene Paredes and national fullback Charlie Power
Dec. 4 Released international receiver Chris Matthews

November 2018

Nov. 2 Released international receiver Armanti Foreman, international defensive lineman Marcell Frazier, international running back Gerald Holmes, international linebacker Warren Long, and international receiver Jeremy Tabuyo

October 2018

Oct. 24 Signed international running back Gerald Holmes
Oct. 23 Signed international defensive lineman Marcell Frazier and released internation defensive back Tay Glover-Wright
Oct. 16 Signed international receiver Bakari Grant
Oct. 4 Signed international receiver Jeremy Tabuyo
Oct. 3 Signed international running back Ka’Deem Carey, international linebacker Warren Long, international defensive back DaShaun Amos, and national receiver Austen Hartley
Oct. 2 Signed international receiver Chris Matthews

September 2018

Sept. 12 Signed national linebacker Cory Greenwood
Sept. 11 Signed international receiver Armanti Foreman and international defensive lineman Chris Casher
Sept. 7 Released international defensive lineman Gary Wilkins and national receiver Michael Klukas

August 2018

Aug. 30 Signed international defensive lineman Gary Wilkins
Aug. 14 Signed international quarterback Montell Cozart
Aug. 14 Released international quarterback Larry Brihm

July 2018

July 24 Released international defensive back Devin Butler

June 2018

Jun. 10 Released International defensive back Trey Caldwell
Released National defensive lineman Randy Colling
Released National defensive lineman Alexandre Gagnon
Released National offensive lineman Dillon Guy
Released International receiver Blake Jackson
Released International receiver Anthony Kelly
Released International defensive lineman Danny Mason
Released International offensive lineman Josue Matias
Released National receiver Anthony Parker
Released International defensive lineman Kelcy Quarles
Released International linebacker Keith Reineke
Released International defensive back Mark Roberts
Released International running back Rushel Shell III
Released International linebacker Tyler Stoddard
Released International receiver Kylen Towner
Released International receiver Nick Truesdell
Released International receiver Kenneth Walker
Released International defensive back Julian Wilson
National offensive lineman David Brown (Western),
National kicker Gabriel Ferraro (Guelph),
National defensive back Dagogo Maxwell (UBC),
National running back Boston Rowe (Calgary),
National running back Atlee Simon (Regina) returned to school.
Jun. 07 Signed international receiver Eric Rogers
Jun. 04 Signed international defensive back Trey Caldwell

May 2018

May. 25 Release International running back Dominique Williams
May. 23 Place International defensive lineman Brandon Banks on the retired list
May. 22 Signed international quarterback Larry Brihm Jr
May. 20 Signed international running back Dominique Williams
May. 18 Signed international quarterback Tyler Rogers
May. 17 Signed international quarterback Nick Arbuckle
Signed international running back Rushel Shell III
Signed international receiver Kylen Towner
Signed international defensive lineman Brandon Banks
May. 14 Signed national offensive lineman Ryan Sceviour
Signed national defensive back Royce Metchie
Signed national linebacker Eric Mezzalira
Signed national offensive lineman David Brown
Signed national offensive lineman Justin Lawrence
Signed national defensive back Dagogo Maxwell
Signed national running back Atlee Simon
Signed national kicker Gabriel Ferraro
Signed national fullback Boston Rowe
May. 11 Signed international defensive lineman Folarin Orimolade
Signed international running back Don Jackson
Signed international running back Romar Morris
May. 10 Signed international offensive lineman Nila Kasitati
Signed international offensive lineman Josue Matias
May. 09 Signed international defensive back Devin Butler
Signed international defensive back Tay Glover-Wright
Signed international defensive back Gump Hayes
Signed international defensive back Tre Roberson
Signed international defensive back Mark Roberts
Signed international defensive back Julian Wilson
May. 08 Signed international linebacker Keith Reineke
Signed international linebacker Tyler Stoddard
May. 07 Signed international receiver Markeith Ambles
Signed international receiver  Blake Jackson
Signed international receiver  Anthony Kelly
Signed international receiver  Nick Truesdell
Signed international receiver  Kenneth Walker
May. 07 National quarterback Andrew Buckley retired
May. 05 Released national linebacker Dexter Janke
May. 05 Signed international defensive lineman Danny Mason
Signed international defensive lineman Brandon Peguese
Signed international defensive lineman Kelcy Quarles
May. 05 Placed national offensive lineman Roman Grozman on the retired list
May. 02 Placed international running back Roy Finch on the retired list

April 2018

Apr. 23 National offensive lineman Pierre Lavertu retired
Apr. 10 International linebacker Deron Mayo reitred

March 2018

Mar. 19 Signed international defensive back and kick returner Troy Stoudermire
Mar. 19 Signed international linebacker Maleki Harris

February 2018

Feb. 16 Signed international offensive lineman Derek Dennis
Feb. 13 Signed international defensive back Emanuel Davis
Feb. 13 Signed national defensive back Adam Berger
Feb. 13 Signed international linebacker Deron Mayo
Feb. 13 International defensive back Joe Burnett, international defensive back Tommie Campbell,
International defensive lineman Kashawn Fraser, International linebacker Maleki Harris,
national receiver Rory Kohlert, National offensive lineman Cam Thorn, national defensive
lineman Mike Klassen, national running back Jerome Messam,
and national running back Anthony Woodson became free agents
Feb. 12 Signed national receiver Anthony Parker
Feb. 12 Signed international receiver DaVaris Daniels
Feb. 9 Released international receiver Marquay McDaniel
Feb. 9 Signed national receiver Richard Sindani
Feb. 8 Signed international defensive back Jamar Wall
Feb. 8 National offensive lineman Dan Federkeil reitred
Feb. 7 Signed international defensive back Ciante Evans
Feb. 5 Signed National defensive lineman Alexandre Gagnon
Feb. 2 Traded international defensive end Charleston Hughes and a 2018 fourth-round
draft pick (34th overall) to Hamilton in exchange for a 2018 fourth-round draft pick (28th overall)
and a 2019 fourth-round draft pick.
Feb. 1 International defensive back Joshua Bell reitred

January 2018

Jan. 29 Signed international defensive lineman Ja’Gared Davis
Jan. 23 National running back Rob Cote reitred
Jan. 11 Signed national long snapper Pierre-Luc Caron
Jan. 8 Signed international receiver Reggie Begelton
Signed national offensive linemen Dillon Guy
Signed international defensive lineman Mike Rose