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December 2021

Dec. 31 Signed American quarterback Jake Maier
Dec. 14 Signed global defensive lineman Misiona Aiolupotea-Pei, American defensive lineman Yurik Bethune, American offensive lineman D.J. Coker, national offensive lineman Carter Comeau, national linebacker Brad Cowan, American defensive back Tre Roberson, American defensive lineman Tracy Sprinkle, American running back Aca’Cedric Ware and national long snapper Ben Whiting

November 2021

Nov. 18 Signed national long snapper Randy Chevrier and national linebacker/long snapper Ben Whiting
Nov. 14 Signed national offensive lineman Carter Comeau
Nov. 5 Released American receiver Josh Huff
Nov. 2 National offensive lineman Jonathan Zamora claimed by Toronto
Nov. 1 Signed American receiver Reggie Begelton

October 2021

Oct. 26 Released American receiver Dan Williams III
Oct. 25 Released American defensive back Ramon Richards
Oct. 19 Signed American defensive back Tre Roberson
Oct. 11 Signed national linebacker Brad Cowan
Oct. 3 Released American linebacker Jarell White

September 2021

Sept. 28 Signed American linebacker Justin Phillips
Sept. 26 Signed American offensive lineman D.J. Coker
Released American offensive lineman Leon Johnson
Sept. 20 Signed American defensive back Javien Elliott and American running back Aca’Cedric Ware
Sept. 19 Signed American receiver Shawn Bane and American defensive lineman Tracy Sprinkle
Released American receiver George Campbell
Sept. 1 Released national offensive lineman Carter Comeau

August 2021

Aug. 27 Signed American defensive lineman Yurik Bethune
Aug. 24 Signed global defensive lineman Misiona Aiolupatea-Pei
Signed American offensive lineman Nila Kasitati
Aug. 23 Signed national defensive back Malcom Lee
Aug. 17 Signed national offensive lineman Carter Comeau
Aug. 16 Released American receiver Sean Riley
Placed American offensive lineman Jordan Morgan on the retired list

July 2021

July 30 Signed American defensive lineman Shawn Lemon
Placed national defensive lineman Connor McGough on the retired list
Released American defensive linemen Yurik Bethune and Theo Majette
July 29 Released national offensive lineman Kwabena Asare, national defensive back Michael Asibuo, American defensive back Corrion Ballard, American receiver Shawn Bane, American defensive back Greg Ducre, American defensive back Trae Elston, national offensive lineman Jaylan Guthrie, American defensive back Javien Hamilton, American linebacker Cory James, national linebacker Shaydon Philip, American quarterback Dakota Prukop, national defensive back Malcolm Thompson, American receiver Fred Trevillion, American receiver Aaren Vaughns, national linebacker/long snapper Ben Whiting, American running back Trey Williams
Placed American DL Cassanova McKinzy on the retired list
July 28 Signed American receiver George Campbell
July 25 Signed national running back Calvin McCarty
Released American receiver Dorian Baker,  American defensive lineman Dadi Nicolas, American defensive back Josh Nurse, American defensive lineman Qaadir Sheppard and American defensive lineman Mbi Tanyi
July 22 Signed national offensive lineman Kwabena Asare
July 21 Released American offensive lineman D.J. Coker
July 19 Released American receiver George Campbell, global kicker Gerard Laws, American defensive lineman Kalil Morris, American receiver Bernard Reedy and American linebacker Darrell Williams
July 17 Released American receiver Kam Williams
July 10 American offensive lineman Nila Kasitati retired
Signed Canadian linebacker/long snapper Ben Whiting
Placed American receiver Ryan Grant, American running back Brandon Wilds, global defensive lineman Franklin Agbasimere and global running back Nico Leonard on the suspended list

June 2021

June 30 Signed American defensive lineman Stefen Banks
June 29 Signed American defensive lineman Yurik Bethune
June 28 Placed American defensive lineman Tavaris Barnes and American receiver Aaron Peck on the retired list
June 23 Signed American defensive back Josh Nurse
June 21 Signed American receiver Kam Williams
June 18 National receiver Trivel Pinto retired
June 16 Signed American defensive lineman Cassanova McKinzy
Released American running back Russell Hansbrough, American defensive lineman Lenny Jones and American defensive back Ashton Lampkin
June 11 Signed American defensive lineman Kalil Morris, American defensive lineman Qaadir Sheppard, American linebacker Silas Stewart and American defensive back Kobe Williams
Placed American quarterback Marcus McMaryion on retired list
June 7 Signed American linebacker Jarell White

May 2021

May 20 Placed American linebacker Tray Matthews on retired list
May 18 Signed National offensive lineman Bryce Bell, National linebacker Charlie Moore, National linebacker Elliot Graham and National receiver Luther Hakunavanhu
May 17 Signed American defensive back D.J. Killings
May 12 Released American linebacker Perry Young
May 11 Signed Global punter Cody Grace
Placed American defensive lineman J.T. Jones on retired list

April 2021

Apr 26 Signed Global defensive lineman Franklin Agbasimere
Apr 22 Signed Global kicker Gerard Laws and Global running back Nico Leonard
Apr 12 Canadian linebacker Riley Jones announced his retirement

March 2021

Mar 19 Signed American running back/kick returner Trey Williams
Mar 12 Signed American receiver Nick Holley

February 2021

Feb 11 Signed American receiver Dan Williams III
Signed American defensive lineman Dadi Nicolas
Feb 10 Signed American defensive back Ashton Lampkin
Signed National punter/kicker Ronnie Pfeffer
Feb 9 Signed National quarterback Michael O’Connor
National long-snapper Pierre-Luc Caron, American quarterback Montell Cozart, National running back Simon Gingras-Gagnon, National linebacker Riley Jones, National receiver Michael Klukas, National linebacker Eric Mezzalira, American defensive lineman Chase Middleton, National punter Ronnie Pfeffer and American defensive lineman Sterling Sheffield became free agents
Feb 8 National offensive lineman Brad Erdos announced his retirement
Released American defensive lineman Stefen Banks
Released American defensive back Mitch Fettig
Released American defensive lineman Jordan Harold
Released American linebacker Basil Jackson
Released American defensive lineman Garrald McDowell
Released American receiver Dorren Miller
Released American receiver James Quick
Released American defensive lineman Keyon Richardson
Released American linebacker JoJo Tillery
Released American defensive back Isaiah Wharton
Released American defensive back Darius Williams
Feb 3 Signed American receiver Ryan Grant
Released Global running back Asnnel Robo
Feb 2 Signed National long snapper Aaron Crawford
Signed American defensive back Branden Dozier
Signed American defensive lineman Chris Odom
Feb 1 Signed American defensive back DaShaun Amos

January 2021

Jan 31 Acquired Toronto’s fifth-round pick (43rd overall) in the 2021 CFL draft and the third-round pick in the 2021 global draft in exchange for playing rights to American receiver Eric Rogers, American defensive lineman Cordarro Law, American defensive back Robertson Daniel, Calgary’s sixth-round pick (47th overall) in the 2021 draft and fourth-round pick in the 2021 global draft
Jan 29 Signed National linebacker Cory Greenwood
Jan 27 National offensive lineman Shane Bergman announced his retirement
Signed American defensive lineman Tavaris Barnes
Jan 26 Signed National defensive lineman Isaac Adeyemi-Berglund
Jan 25 Signed American defensive back Corrion Ballard
Signed American receiver George Campbell
Signed American defensive back Greg Ducre
Signed American defensive back Trae Elston
Signed American offensive lineman Julian Good-Jones
Signed American receiver Malik Henry
Signed American linebacker Tray Matthews
Signed American defensive lineman Jarrell Owens
Signed National linebacker Shaydon Philip
Signed American receiver/returner Sean Riley
Jan 22 Signed National receiver Richie Sindani
Jan 21 Signed National defensive back Michael Asibuo
Signed National kicker/punter Keiran Burnham
Signed National linebacker Kurtis Gray
Signed National receiver Tyson Middlemost
Signed National defensive lineman Andrew Seinet-Spaulding
Signed National offensive lineman Jon Zamora
Jan 19 Signed American linebacker Jameer Thurman
Jan 18 Re-signed National defensive back Royce Metchie
Re-signed American offensive lineman Nila Kasitati
Jan 13 Released National offensive lineman David Brown
Jan 12 Re-signed American defensive back Jamar Wall
Announced American linebacker Darnell Sankey opted back into his 2021 contract
Jan 11 Re-signed National running back Charlie Power
Re-signed National linebacker Fraser Sopik
Announced American running back Brandon Wilds opted back into his 2021 contract
Jan 8 Re-signed American receiver Kamar Jorden
Signed National receiver Trivel Pinto
Re-signed American quarterback Dakota Prukop
Re-signed National offensive lineman Ryan Sceviour
Jan 6 Re-signed National receiver Colton Hunchak
Re-signed American offensive lineman Leon Johnson
Re-signed National kicker Rene Paredes
Announced American offensive lineman D.J. Coker opted back into his 2021 contract