June 7, 2017


Running back Jacobi Green during pre-season against BC Lions on June 6, 2017 )Photo by David Moll)

Coming out of the tunnel for the first time was a great experience for me. I didn’t think there would be this many fans here. There was a great atmosphere in the building and I felt really good coming into the start of the game.

I think we performed pretty well tonight as a team.

It was a great feeling to get out on the field for my first play. I’ve been down with an injury for a year and I was nervous to get back on the football field. So it was a great, great feeling for me for play in a CFL game. My ultimate goal is to make the team and keep playing.

I was very anxious to get that first run out of the way because of the jitters, but after the first one, I was ready to go.

My offensive line blocked pretty well for me and they opened up a big hole on my touchdown run. I saw the hole and I took it. I saw my receiver Jamal Nixon on the outside blocking his man, so I cut off of him and when I realized I only had five yards to go, so I dove for it.

Scoring the first touchdown of the game was a great feeling. We needed a big play at that time and I was grateful to be able to provide that play for my team.

Winning is always an amazing feeling. It’s a great feeling to get a win in any uniform and I’m grateful to be a Stampeder at this time.