John Hufnagel President, General Manager & Exec. Committee Member
Mike Franco Senior Director of  Business Operations
Jean Lefebvre Communications Director
Max Campbell  Community Relations and Communications Coordinator
Digital Media
Ty Pilson Digital Content and Social Media Director
George Johnson Senior writer/Your Stamps Authority
Spencer Fortier Creative Video Coordinator
Alanna Nolan Stamps TV Host
Paul Mawdsley Sr. Digital Content Producer
Ryan Popowich Marketing Manager
Jessica Littel Brand Marketing Specialist
Brady Plewright Brand Marketing Coordinator
Sponsorship Sales
Rachel Davis Manager, Corporate Partnerships
Ticket Sales – New & Group
Alex Snell Sales Manager
Scott Bentley Senior Account Executive
Patrick O’Hagan Account Executive
Jenna Foran Account Executive
Chris Allen Account Executive
Jarron Mueller  Account Executive
Ticketing – Customer Service
Andrew Swan Customer Service & Retention Manager
Kyle Cyr Fan Experience Coordinator
Rosa Spadafora Account Manager
Alana Hay Account Manager
Kayley Baun Account Manager
Rachel Gee Account Manager
Events – Game Day & Community
Geordie Macleod Game Presentation and Events Senior Director
Austin Shaw Game Presentation and Events Manager
Jon Cornish Game-day Ambassador
Dallas Kitt Events Manager
Riley Jans Game Presentation and Events Coordinator
Travis Girard Game Presentation and Events Intern
Arden Forbes Stampeders Foundation Coordinator
Kyla Findlay Outriders Head Coach
Meagan Reid Outriders Dance Coach
Chelsea Drake Touchdown Horse Rider
Lee Ann Helten Office Manager
Stamps Store
Brent Gibbs Director of Retail
Mike Hardiman Stamps Store Manager