Make a lasting impression with your guests in the ATB Business Club. The ATB Business Club provides first class executive suite style amenities, all-inclusive food, as well as an unparalleled view of the game from the top of the east grandstand.

The ATB Business Club Suites provide you and your guests the opportunity to experience McMahon Stadium Magic and the power of the CFL in style. Enjoy an exclusive, upscale, and comfortable atmosphere unlike any other at McMahon Stadium.

Full year leases and individual game day rentals available.


  • 16 seats together in a dedicated suite
  • Indoor seating within a climate-controlled club
  • Private VIP Stadium entrance
  • Dedicated elevator access
  • Suite level Restrooms
  • Four parking passes
  • In-Suite Televisions
  • All-inclusive food

For more information, please contact Luke Dauray
Phone: 403-571-9569