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February 2024

Date Transaction
Feb. 27 Signed National defensive back Christian Joachim
Feb. 16 Signed American receiver Auden Tate
Feb. 14 Signed American defensive lineman Terry Beckner Jr. and American linebacker Cam Bright
Feb. 13 Signed American defensive back Demerio Houston, American quarterback Matt Shiltz, American offensive lineman Trevon Tate, and National linebacker Micah Teitz
Feb. 12 Signed American defensive lineman Darius Hodge
Feb. 9 Signed American linebacker Micah Awe
Feb. 7 Signed American defensive back Kobe Williams
Feb. 6 Signed American linebacker Tre Walker
Feb. 4 Signed American defensive back Branden Dozier
Feb. 1 Signed American defensive back Carlins Platel

January 2024

Date Transaction
Jan. 31 Signed American receivers Dontario Drummond, Cameron Echols-Luper and Jaquarii Roberson
Jan. 29 Signed American defensive back Titus Wall and American defensive lineman Charles Wylie
Jan. 27 Signed American running back Peyton Logan and American linebacker Darius Williams
Jan. 26 Signed American running back Dedrick Mills and National defensive back Nick Statz
Jan. 25 Signed American defensive lineman Sharif Finch
Jan. 24 Signed National offensive lineman Sean McEwen, American defensive back Brad Muhammad, and American receivers Ishmael Hyman and Malachi Wideman
Jan. 23 Signed National fullback William Langlais and American offensive lineman Chris Toth
Jan. 22 Signed National defensive lineman Elliot Graham and National linebacker Adam Konar
Jan. 19 Signed American defensive lineman Julian Howsare
Jan. 18 Signed American defensive back Bentlee Sanders
Jan. 16 Signed National receiver Tyson Middlemost
Jan. 15 Extended National linebacker Cameron Judge
Jan. 11 Extended American receiver Reggie Begelton