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April 2023

Date Transaction
Apr. 1 Signed American defensive lineman Mike Moore

March 2023

Date Transaction
Mar. 29 Signed American defensive lineman Ronnie Thomas
Mar. 28 Signed American offensive lineman Brandon Murphy
Mar. 20 Signed American defensive lineman Ray Thornton and American defensive back Julian Charles
Mar. 16 Signed American defensive back Chris Brown
Mar. 8 Signed American defensive back Michael Griffin II
Mar. 1 Signed American offensive lineman D’Antne Demery

February 2023

Date Transaction
Feb. 24 Signed American linebacker Jordan Anthony
Feb. 23 Signed American defensive back Michael Lawson and National offensive lineman Jamal Campbell
Feb. 20 Signed National receiver Rysen John
Feb. 17 Signed American linebacker Micah Awe
Feb. 15 Signed American defensive back Branden Dozier
Feb. 14 Signed American defensive lineman Julian Howsare
Feb. 13 Signed National fullback Charlie Power
Feb. 9 Signed American receiver Tony Brown and placed National fullback Tom Schnitzler on the retired list
Feb. 6 Signed Global kicker/punter Toshiki Sato and released American defensive back Trumaine Washington

January 2023

Date Transaction
Jan. 30 Signed American linebacker Silas Stewart and American offensive lineman Derek Dennis
Jan. 26 Signed American defensive back Brad Muhammad
Jan. 25 Signed American defensive lineman James Vaughters
Jan. 23 Signed American receiver Tommylee Lewis
Jan. 20 Signed American defensive back Jonathan Moxey
Jan. 19 Signed National linebacker Cameron Judge
Jan. 13 Signed American running back LeVante Bellamy
Jan. 9 Signed National offensive lineman Zack Williams and National defensive lineman Kelon Thomas. Released American offensive lineman Julian Good-Jones.
Jan. 6 Signed National defensive back Nick Statz