The 2024 edition of the Outriders is comprised of 20 committed members who serve as ambassadors representing the Stampeders football club, the City of Calgary and Southern Alberta.

The Outriders are selected through an intensive audition and interview process every spring, where they are evaluated on their dance experience, dance ability, physical fitness and their character, once they have made the team they practice once a week and attend pre-game rehearsals April through November to prepare for each Stampeders home game.

The role of an Outrider is a part-time position. When not serving as a member of the dance team, these women are full-time professionals, entrepreneurs and post-secondary students. If you would like to get to know our dance team better please visit their Outrider profiles.

Head Coach: Kalie Morberg

Dance Coach: Barbra Benini

Executive Coach: Jescah Venne

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