The Calgary High School Football system has produced 83 players who played for the Stampeders.

Western Canada High School leads the way with 19, including CFL Hall of Famers Normie Kwong, Larry Robinson and Harvey Wylie. St. Francis is second with 13 while Crescent Heights is third with seven.

Two Calgary high schoolers have their numbers retired by the Red and White — Tom Forzani from St. Francis and Stu Laird from Lord Beaverbrook.

School Name Years w/Stamps
Bishop Carroll Mark Dewit 2012
Bishop Carroll Mike Siroishka 1988
Bishop Carroll Dave Van Belleghem 1998
Bishop Grandin Greg Vavra 1984-85
Bishop Grandin Bob Viccars 1975-81
Bishop O’Byrne Matt Walter 2012-15
Bowness Ryan Sceviour 2018-present
Central Lionel Gundry-White 1945
Central Gerry Shaw 1965-74
Crescent Heights  Barry Cyr 1958-61
Crescent Heights  Bob Franks  1951, 1953
Crescent Heights  Vern Graham  1947, 1949-51
Crescent Heights  Al Valdes  1956-58
Crescent Heights  Craig Watson  1988-89
Crescent Heights  Harvey Wylie  1956-64
Crescent Heights  Alex Yakunin  1954-55
E.P. Scarlett  Greg Peterson  1984-92
Ernest Manning Bob Hornes 1976
Father Lacombe Darcy Kopp 1986-92
Henry Wise Wood Miles Gorrell 1978-82
Henry Wise Wood Tom Krebs 1979-83
Henry Wise Wood Blain Lamoureux 1973-73, 1977-78
Henry Wise Wood Spencer Wilson 2011-18
J.G. Diefenbaker Tim Petros 1984-90
James Fowler Mike Juhasz 2003-05
James Fowler John Kalin 1997
James Fowler Harry Kruger 1981-83
Lord Beaverbrook Stu Laird 1985-96
Lord Beaverbrook Brent Matich 1989-91
Lord Beaverbrook Greg Reynard 1988-89
Lord Beaverbrook Kent Warnock 1987-92
Notre Dame Colton Hunchak 2019-present
Notre Dame Sean McEwen 2021-present
Notre Dame Nick Statz 2021
Queen Elizabeth Bill Goods 1965-67
Queen Elizabeth Scott MacArthur 1981-83
Queen Elizabeth Don Moulton 1972-75
Rundle College Andrew Buckley 2016-17
Rundle College Michael Klassen 2017
Sir Winston Churchill Doug Battershill 1979-84
Sir Winston Churchill Wayne Harris Jr. 1982
Sir Winston Churchill Bob Lubig 1978-85
Sir Winston Churchill Tyler Lynem 2004-07
St. Francis Lawrence Deck 2001-03, 2005
St. Francis John Forzani 1971-76
St. Francis Tom Forzani 1973-83
St. Francis Bruno Geremia 1987-88
St. Francis Mass Geremia 1987
St. Francis Pat Hinds 1991
St. Francis J.P. Izquierdo 1997
St. Francis Les Kaminski 1984
St. Francis Chris Lewis 1997
St. Francis Dagogo Maxwell 2019
St. Francis Tom Spoletini 1985-90
St. Francis Tony Spoletini 1989, 1991
St. Francis Anthony Woodson 2017
St. Mary’s Joe Forzani 1968-75
St. Mary’s Michael Klukas 2019
St. Mary’s Ken Moore 1946, 1951
St. Mary’s Mike Palumbo 1985, 1987-90
Viscount Bennett Larry Leatham 1977
Viscount Bennett Darrell Moir 1979-85
Viscount Bennett Ron Stewart 1967-68, 1970
Viscount Bennett Brian Strong 1984-85
Viscount Bennett Jack Truran 1964
Western Wayne Aiken 1959-60
Western George Alexander 1945-47
Western Ron Allbright 1956-67
Western Mike Bilan 1950-52, 1954
Western Gordon Gilkes 1945-46
Western George Hansen 1959-66
Western Harry Hobbs 1945-47
Western Harry Irving 1948
Western Andy Jonassen 1976-80
Western Norm Kwong 1948-50
Western Rudy Linterman 1968-77
Western Ken Moore 1946, 1951
Western John Prendergast 1956-57
Western Larry Robinson 1961-74
Western Jim Seymour 1949-51
Western Bob Standen 1949
Western  Bobby Taylor 1961-65
 Western  Fred Wilmot 1948
Western Harvey Wylie 1956-64
William Aberhart Bob Torrance  1991-92, 1995