October 31, 2011

Stephanie: It’s in you to give!

The season is quickly coming to an end.

As this is my first year on the team, I’ve had the opportunity to be part of so many community and charity events. This last experience with the team I must say will be one of the best and has changed me for life!Stephanie_111031.jpg

I was given the opportunity to donate blood through the Stampeders at the Canadian Blood Services (CBS) downtown at 737 13th Ave. SW. I have always wanted to donate but never found the time or I had an excuse to not go (as do many other people).

I was a bit nervous walking in and wondered if I had eaten enough food, drank enough fluids, will it hurt, etc. It was the honestly one of the easiest and most rewarding experiences. There was the feeling of a slight pinch and that was about it. I know that I will be returning again since I was only able to fill half a bag of blood (it happens to other members of my family). So, I’ll be back to fill that half and hopefully more next time!

It is true that you do get yummy cookies and juice after!

While I was there, one thing wasn’t so great about what I learned. Right now, there is a shortage of donors across Canada and the blood supplies are getting low. There is a huge need for people to donate.

For the one hour out of your busy schedules, you can improve so many more lives by your small donation. One bag of blood is divided into three parts for plasma, platelets and the fluid. That means one bag saves three lives.
With the end of summer vacations, Thanksgiving, the arrival of winter and holiday celebrations, people tend to forget about donating blood when others need it the most. This season, I challenge you Stamps fans to take a moment and to donate and help save a life, especially first-timers like me!

You can donate under the Stampeders Charity name with the code CALG 0011568 , under your own name or get a group together and challenge each other to see who was the fastest. If you already have donated, a friendly reminder that after 56 days, you can go back and donate again!

Remember when you think of Thanksgiving and everything that we are thankful for and this holiday season while shopping for loved ones, our blood is another great way to make this year so much better for another family and It’s In You To Give!

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