September 11, 2016

Smith: We just had to settle in

Defensive back Brandon Smith during the 2016 Labour Day Rematch (Photo by David Moll)


I’m more physically tired than mentally tired after that game. That was two games in six days and it takes a toll on you. When you’re playing a physical team like that and there’s a lot of banging going on, it will take the body a little bit of time to heal. This time, we went into extra innings and when it’s longer than a 60-minute game like that, you’ve got to bring your hard hat.

We just had to settle in after a tough first half. We came out in the first quarter with some emotion, but still kind of flat, and we just had to play through it. The Eskimos get paid, too, and they’re a skilled team as well. We gave up that first long Edmonton touchdown, but when that happens you’ve just got to reload and answer and get back to the grind.

A quick memory is important, especially when you get off to a slow start. We made some mistakes and it wasn’t our cleanest game but our guys buy into the system. We’re well coached and we just had to go out there and continue to do what we do and play hard football. We had a bunch of penalties but you’ve just got to play fast and play hard no matter what.

Their receivers are regarded as some of the best in the league. Besides our receivers, they’re very skilled and you’ve got to tip your hat to them. They ran their scheme and they executed and made big plays when it was time to make plays. But our defence went out there and battled each and every play, as well. We made it hard for those guys, too.

Brandon Smith, #28

Defensive back Brandon Smith during the 2016 Labour Day Rematch (Photo by David Moll)