July 8, 2017

Jorden: I want to focus on getting better

I didn’t expect the running touchdown at all, but we did practise that play all week. With those stops by the Winnipeg defence, it came down to anything with a run. I didn’t expect it, but once they called it, I knew I had to get in the end zone. The offensive line, Jerome Messam, they blocked it really well. I was grateful to get the touchdown just for the fact that we got into the end zone for the team.

It was good to finally get in there after six tries. We’ve got to work to get better in their area as far as pushing the ball in when we’re in the red zone. But it’s still early in the season, so we’re still growing as an offence and we need to get the communication and execution down still. In most chances, we will hope that our quarterback or our running back is able to get in their and we’re going to get to that point.

Everything else just comes with the rhythm of the game. I feel like I’m always running hard, running fast, always ready to make plays all around the field all day. Just grateful to keep making plays to help the team get W’s.

Every halftime, every game, we always make adjustments, make corrections, see what they’re running. It wasn’t any different this game. We saw what they were doing and we saw what they exposed. I felt like the difference was that they executed their plays in the first half. We saw that they were playing fast, but we were able to start moving the ball, get going and create a rhythm in the second half. I feel like that’s what helped us proceed to the win.

Like I said last year — every day, every practice I want to focus on getting better. I said at the start of the season, I want to be looked at as one of the top receivers in the CFL. Personally, I feel like I still have a lot of work to do, a lot of areas to improve. It is a great start, but most importantly, I’m just glad to be making plays for the team. It feels good to be on the field and making plays because for a long time I was on the practice squad and was having to watch from the sideline. So it feels really good to be out here finally making an impact for the team.