January 31, 2019

My Section: C

Photo by Mark Shannon

The Stampeders are a family affair for the Browns.

And it’s a tradition that’s been passed on since before the team moved into McMahon Stadium.

“I’ve been a season-ticket holder since somewhere near 1991/1992,” said Kevin Brown.

“But my entire family is long-time CFL fans – my in-laws had tickets dating back to the Mewata days. I also had them briefly with a friend in high school. When our own kids were young and we wanted a family friendly activity, it seemed tailor made for us. Eventually, my sister-in-law and my niece joined us. They are CFL and Stampeder fanatics!”

The love for the Red & White started back before Brown could walk.

And his passion for the Stamps helped him convert his wife from Eskimos fan to a booster of the Red & White.

“I have never been anything but a Stamps fan,” Brown stated. “We watched weekend games as a family as far back as I can remember.

“When I met my wife, she had the same kind of history – although she cheered for the Eskimos in the ’70s, which made things interesting. I eventually coaxed her back to the lighter side of the force and she has worn red and white faithfully ever since!”

When Brown was first looking to purchase some seats, price and location was the biggest factor.

However, after some time in Section C, it was apparent to them that the section boasted many more benefits and was the place to be.

“Initially, they were the best priced seats with backs on them and close to the junior section where the kids sat,” said Brown.

“After several years, we had made friends with the surrounding fans and the view is great. We moved a bit lower down, but in the same section several years ago. We love section C and faithfully ring those cowbells every game!”

The best part about Section C?

The Cowbells, obviously!

“Definitely the camaraderie and the cowbells,” admitted Brown. “That is C section for ya’! Very little negativity, dedicated fans and lots of laughs! It is also nice to be close to the south end zone when there are activities at half time or during the game.”

Brown’s seats have allowed him and his family to witness many great games and moments over the years.

There’s one, in particular, he’ll never forget.

“I think my favourite memory must be when Allen Pitts caught his 99th touchdown,” said Brown. “As exciting as that was, it got even better when he threw the ball into the stands and I caught it. What a treasure!”

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