February 22, 2019


Some people become fans later in life.

Others are thrust into it very early on.

“I don’t think I became a Stamps fan so much as I was born one,” said Jennifer Dorman. “I’m a second-generation Calgarian, so the Red and White runs through my veins.”

That meant it was almost inevitable that she would become a Stampeders season-ticket holder.

And what finally caused her to dive in was the lure of the big game.

With guaranteed access to 2009 Grey Cup tickets with the purchase of a season set, she and her friend scooped up a pair of seats in Section I.

“We had both been Stamps fans for a long time and we wanted first crack at Grey Gup tickets for that year, since we had never been to a championship game in person,” explained Dorman. “And, despite Calgary not making it that year, it was awesome to experience the atmosphere, interacting with all the fans from the CFL, and watching the Grey Cup be paraded past us on the concourse.”

Jennifer’s recently moved sections for a simple reason: comfort.

“Seats with backs,” Dorman stated. “Seriously, they make such a difference to my comfort at the end of a game, and I didn’t realize that until we moved into them. Plus, we’re high up enough that we have a good view of the field and free game-day swag (like mini-footballs) occasionally ends up in my hands.

“We just moved into our new section last year, and we lucked out with the fans around us. They have football smarts – they know when to cheer loud, when to be quiet, and they are super passionate about the Stamps! It’ll be fun getting to know them more this season.”

Having been a season-ticket holder for over a decade, Dorman has sat through all types of weather.

And having always remained in her seat until the bitter end remains a point of pride.

“I’ve been to a lot of regular-season games and I’m very proud of never leaving a game early,” said Dorman. “I’ve got some great memories of Western Finals that were super cold and I left not being able to feel my toes. But it was always easier to deal with frozen toes if we happened to be going to the Grey Cup after that game.”

Dorman has been a part of many great moments over the years, but the ones that stick out the most include a shiny metal piece of hardware.

“My best memory is welcoming the team back at McMahon this year after winning the Grey Cup,” said Dorman. “I was just hoping to get a few pictures with the team, but I actually got to hold the Grey Cup when it was passed around among the fans. It ranks up there with seeing the team in 2014 and snapping a pic with Nik Lewis and the Cup outside City Hall.”

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