May 16, 2019


The Calgary Stampeders have signed the three players they selected in January’s inaugural Canadian Football League-Liga de Futbol Americano Profesional (CFL-LFA) draft.

The players from the LFA, Mexico’s top league, are receiver Andres Salgado (first round, ninth overall), kicker Oscar Hugo Silva (second round, 18th overall) and offensive lineman Guillermo Calderon (third round, 27th overall).

Salgado led the LFA with an average of 18.9 yards per catch. For the season, he had 31 catches for 586 yards. Salgado had a 44-yard touchdown reception in the Mexico City Condors’ victory in the league’s championship game, the Mexico Bowl.

Silva kicked for Saltillo Dinos while Calderon played on the defensive line for the Puebla Artilleros. Calderon will attend Stamps training camp as an offensive lineman.

Andres Salgado
Previous team: Mexico City Condors (Mexico)
Height: 6.02
Weight: 187
Born: Dec. 2, 1991
Birthplace: Mexico City, MX

Oscar Hugo Silva
Previous team: Saltillo Dinos (Mexico)
Height: 6.00
Weight: 192
Born: Feb. 22, 1989
Birthplace: Mexico City, MX

Guillermo Calderon
Offensive lineman
Previous team: Puebla Artilleros (Mexico)
Height: 6.02
Weight: 287
Born: Apr. 22, 1994
Birthplace: Sinaloa, MX