August 20, 2019

Player Blog: Courtney Stephen

The CFL has a lot of great returners, so each week you’re going to have a big test. We were just trying to capitalize on this week’s test and show who we were.

I may have had five special team’s tackles, but it’s really just that as a kick coverage unit we wanted to step up and represent who we know we can be and put something on tape that represented our best effort. That was the mindset going into it and that was what the plan was; to be ourselves and show what we’re capable of. I felt like, to some degree, we were able to do that. It just didn’t translate the way we wanted it to, into a win.

I think the double-overtime loss to Montreal is a good demonstration that it’s a full team game. We’ve got to play 60-minutes and the whole team, everyone has to take turns making plays. Hats off to Montreal, they definitely came prepared. They squeaked one out over us, but luckily it’s a long season. No Grey Cups are handed out today.

Man, we’ve got great fans out here in Calgary and they’re smart, too. They know situationally when they need to turn it up and get us those time count violations and stuff. I’m glad we had another game in front of the home crowd, but it’s too bad we couldn’t get them the win.

We’ll get the next one – Labour Day.

Trust me, the minute this game ended, it was in the past and we’re looking forward. Labour Day is a great game and we’ll be playing against our rivals, so I’m looking forward to making more plays.

You know, if the classic lives up to the hype, I’ll be ready. I know they’re a good team right now, they’re rolling and they’re trying to make a push for the Western Conference and to get into the playoffs. We’re expecting their best punch and we’ll give them ours.

But first, I’m going to go home and give my wife a kiss. I haven’t seen her in a while, so that’s the plan for the Bye Week.