September 30, 2019

McMahon Stadium’s Eats For Special Dietary Needs

CALGARY, AB - JUNE 15, 2019: The Calgary Stampeders lost 32-28 against the Ottawa Redblacks at the Home Opener at McMahon Stadium on Saturday night. (Photo by Curiocity Group Inc/Calgary Stampeders)

We know that having a special dietary need can sometimes be a hassle when eating out.

At McMahon Stadium, we recognized this and want to ensure all fans can enjoy something from our concessions!

Whether you’re dairy-free, gluten-free, or vegetarian, there is something for you! Cheering is hard work, and we want to make sure you’re fueled right to take part in the spirit of fun and love for the CFL.


A gluten allergy or intolerance is on the rise, which is why McMahon’s got a bunch of gluten-free options. You won’t have to miss out on the amazing food! Pick up something from the list below:

•Taco in a bag, near Section B,K,W, and N
•Baked potato (without gravy), in Baron House across from Section I
•Pulled pork sandwich (without bun), in Pig Skins just down from Section M
•Brisket, chicken, Mennonite sausage (without cornbread muffin) , the Smoker across
from Section M
•Spolumbo sausage (without bun), available at all Gridiron BBQ’s
•Shaved beef from Baron house (without bun), across from Section I
•Chili lime nachos with guacamole and corn salsa, near Section K and Section N
•Nachos and cheese, available throughout the stadium
•Popcorn, available throughout the stadium


Your best bet is anything from the Smoker! Just skip the house-made coleslaw and you’re groovy.


• Loaded Baked Potato – Vegetarian toppings: Jalapeno cheese sauce, caramelized
onions, sour cream, grated cheese, green onions, butter, pickled jalapenos, and cheese
• Pillow Donuts, available by the Smoker
• Candy Floss, available throughout the stadium
•Chili lime nachos with guacamole and corn salsa, near Section K and Section N
• Nachos, and cheese, available throughout the stadium
• Fries/Onion Rings, available throughout the stadium
• Cheese pizza, available at Pizza 73 in Sections E, F, I, N,S, and T
• Popcorn, available throughout the stadium

Now that you’re properly fed and hydrated, it’s time to put that energy to good use! Cheer your face off for the reigning Grey Cup Champs! Go Stamps Go!