October 6, 2019

“i Gave The Game Ball To My Son”

It was nice getting back in the endzone for the first time in quite a while.

It was a great feeling I just wish we would have come out on top.

I gave the game ball to my son. I actually talked to him earlier that day, and he asked me if I could get him a ball and I told him I’d try.

Bo gave me an opportunity to make that happen. I caught him after the game showed him the ball and he was pretty excited.

I’ve always known that I can play in this league, and it’s just about it actually coming to fruition. It’s just about my dedication, hard work, film work and study and my quarterback believing in me to make those plays.

We’ve just got to get back to the drawing board and build on it for next game and fix those mistakes, those fumble issues.

Those just came from our guys trying to make plays and not securing it or just trying to do too much with the ball.

It was just us trying to make plays and put our team in a better position to make plays cost us the game.