October 12, 2019

Gilbert: “it Feels Amazing”

CALGARY, AB - October 11, 2019: Calgary Stampeders beat the Saskatchewan Roughriders 30-28 at McMahon Stadium on Friday night. (Photo by Candice Ward/Calgary Stampeders)

When I hit the endzone, all I could think was this is what it feels like to be in the pros; it’s a great feeling.

I was just running down on kickoff, I was the contain player and I was just running as fast as I can to get to my contain and the ball ended up bouncing my way – and I thought, I’m not falling on this ball I have to go for it.

Each week I’ve been coming in prepared to play, I get reps in, I watch film. I know my number could be called at any moment so I was ready to go.

After first kickoff all the jitters went out of the way so when my number was called on defence I was ready.

And the first thing I looked for was to celebrate with my teammates because I’m a team player, so I’m more glad we got the win.

First in the West sounds really good.

It feels amazing. I know we’re probably going to end up playing the Riders in the West Final so we’ll see them again. They’re a great team, we both play hard.

But first, we need to worry about getting ready to play Winnipeg.