October 20, 2019

Player Blog: Josh Huff

It feels great to get the win, it was a hard fought battle. We knew that we were going to head into a playoff atmosphere. Some lucky bounces went their way early, but that’s adversity that we had to fight through as a team, and we overcame it and pulled together to get it done.

Anytime you are able to get through those close games and have those experiences it only helps build character. When it gets to crunch time we don’t panic, we just stick to our training. We know that when it comes down to crunch time we can count on the guys to the left and right of us to get those plays done.

It’s great to be in this position in first place, we need to go out and get that first-round bye. It’s a one game season from here on out so that’s how we have to approach it. We’re going to come in and lock back in on Winnipeg and try to get another ‘W’ and get one step closer to what we want to do.

It’s tough to play them again in such a short time frame. Those guys know our ins-and-outs so you just got to lock in to your opponent like we did this week, get physical again, and know that they know us better than they know themselves.

It definitely felt good to have a big game, last time I had a good game like that we lost to Montreal. It was a good individual performance by myself in Montreal but the overall goal is to get a ‘W’ and move one step closer to our dream.

But this week, this game meant a lot. I knew there were big plays to be made and I knew there was going to be a time where my teammates relied on me to get a play done – and that’s what I was able to do. I was able to get a couple of balls going my way, and got going.

I’m not too big on the cold weather, though. But it’s definitely football weather, you can feel it in the air, you can taste it. Today was a big win for myself and my team right we’re just looking forward to build on it, and hopefully I become a Grey Cup Champion this year.

Next week hopefully I get more yardage, and a touchdown. But I’d settle for some touchdowns like Reggie.

I want to be like Reggie when I grow up.