rob cote

Roughnecks are a must-see

January 26, 2018 | Molly Campbell
A couple of weeks ago the ’Dome was rockin’ with the Pigskin Party at the Roughnecks game and several Stamps players were in attendance. They had a great time watching the game, were interviewed ...

Cote: By the numbers

January 23, 2018 | Staff
0 – Times the Stamps missed the playoffs while Cote was a Stamp 1 – CFL player of the week award during his career – he was named the league’s top Canadian after his CFL debut 1 – Bachelor’s ...

Rob knew time was right

January 23, 2018 | George Johnson
So many of them exit the premises swearing on a stack of Gideons that they’re prepared for the Great Unknown stretching out before them. Many might even stubbornly think they believe it. Often, ...

Rob Cote announces retirement

January 23, 2018 | Staff
Calgary Stampeders fullback Rob Cote is retiring from the Canadian Football League after 11 seasons as a member of the Red and White. “I want to thank the entire Stampeders organization, my ...

Teammates valued Cote

January 23, 2018 | George Johnson
Value, Jon Cornish came to appreciate, can be measured in many forms. “When I started playing with Rob Cote,’’ admits the quicksilver tailback, “I didn’t understand those types of aspects. “One ...

Kid from Cochrane stood test of time

January 23, 2018 | George Johnson
Oddly, the kid from Cochrane’s launch-pad as a Calgary Stampeder began, of all places, in Houston, Tex. “They flew me down to a mini-camp,’’ Rob Cote, who announced his retirement Tuesday morning ...


November 26, 2017 | George Johnson
OTTAWA – Eyes wet with tears, the unfailingly accommodating Roy Finch couldn’t speak, waving away interview requests. Bo Levi Mitchell sat in his stall, head in hands. The feeling of ...


November 25, 2017 | George Johnson
OTTAWA – Restlessness has begun to set in. The sense of cabin fever, of prickly anticipation, is mounting. “Yeah, I think we’re there at that point,’’ acknowledges fullback Rob Cote.  “You ...


November 23, 2017 | Ty Pilson
OTTAWA – As the old adage goes, time heals all wounds. The Stampeders, though, would respectfully disagree. Even strongly disagree, you could say. Every player and coach who stood on the ...


November 19, 2017 | George Johnson
To the skeptics, naysayers and cynics, the scoffers, ridiculers and deriders whose number swelled to legion over the past month, Bo Levi Mitchell has only one thing to say: Thanks. “Attitude, ...