Dec. 22: Re-signed international defensive lineman Cordarro Law

Dec. 21: Re-signed international defensive lineman Charleston Hughes

Dec. 14: Re-signed national defensive back Adam Thibault

Dec. 13: Re-signed national offensive lineman Cam Thorn

Dec. 12: Re-signed national fullback Charlie Power

Dec. 9: Re-signed national kicker Rene Paredes and national punter Rob Maver


Nov. 10: Signed national defensive back Chris Rwabukamba, international defensive back Jarrett Bush, international receiver Jarrett Boykin and international offensive lineman Mitchell Van Dyk


Oct. 28: Released international quarterback Nick Arbuckle, international defensive linemen Jeff Luc and Eddie Yarbrough, international receiver Marken Michel, international defensive back Joel Ross and international offensive lineman Aslam Sterling

Oct. 18: Signed international linebacker Jeff Luc; released international defensive lineman Jason Neill 

Oct. 12: Signed international receiver Marken Michel and international defensive linemen Eddie Yarbrough 

Oct. 8: Released international defensive lineman Perez Ford and international receiver Devonte Robinson

Oct. 7: Signed international offensive lineman Ruben Carter


Sept. 28: Signed international defensive lineman Cordarro Law

Sept. 27: Signed international quarterback Nick Arbuckle, international receiver Devonte Robinson, international defensive back Joel Ross and international defensive linemen Perez Ford, Josh Francis and Jason Neill

Sept. 20: Signed international offensive lineman Aslam Sterling

Sept. 13: Signed international defensive lineman Bryson Kelly

Sept. 10: Released international linebacker Taylor Reed

Sept. 7: Released international defensive lineman Demonte’ Bolden

Sept. 1: Signed international running back Paris Cotton


Aug. 16: Acquired two undisclosed negotiation-list player from Saskatchewan in exchange for international defensive back Fred Bennett and national defensive back Jeff Hecht

Aug. 10: Released international defensive lineman James Vaughters 


July 25: Signed international defensive back Shaquille Richardson and international defensive lineman James Vaughters; released international defensive lineman Josh Francis.

July 4: Signed international defensive lineman Zach Minter 


June 23: Signed national defensive back Matt Bucknor 

June 19: Released national defensive back Jean-Philippe Bolduc, national defensive back Malcolm Brown, international offensive lineman Alex Fifita, international defensive lineman Uriah Grant, international receiver Josh Harper, national offensive lineman Quinn Horton, international quarterback G.J. Kinne, international receiver Matthew Norzil, international linebacker Cameron Ontko, international running back Lache Seastrunk, national linebacker Corbin Sharun and international defensive back Demetrius Wright released; national defensive lineman Michael Kashak returned to school

June 14: Signed international receiver Josh Harper; released national linebacker James Green, national long snapper Tim St. Pierre, international receiver Cam White and international defensive lineman Ridge Wilson

June 13: Signed international quarterback G.J. Kinne; released international linebacker Jared Brackens, international defensive lineman Quayshawne Buckley, international defensive back Travis Manning, international quarterback Bryant Moniz, international receiver Chleb Ravenell, international defensive lineman Brandon Thurmond and international running back Reggie Whatley

June 10: Signed international defensive lineman Demonte’ Bolden

June 8: Signed national offensive lineman Cam Thorn, international receiver Cameron White and and international defensive back Demetrius Wright

June 7: Released international receiver Carlton Mitchell, international offensive lineman Byron Pinkston and international defensive lineman Marcus Thompson; placed international receiver Skye Dawson on the retired list


May 30: Signed international defensive lineman Ja’Gared Davis; released international receiver Josh Harper

May 26: Signed international offensive lineman Alex Fifita and international receiver Chleb Ravenell

May 23: Signed national offensive lineman Roman Grozman, national defensive back Jean-Philippe Bolduc and national linebacker/long snapper Pierre-Luc Caron

May 19: Signed international receiver Carlton Mitchell, international defensive lineman Quayshawne Buckley, international running back Lache Seastrunk and international defensive back Mylan Hicks.

May 17: Signed national receiver Juwan Brescasin, national defensive back Malcolm Brown, national offensive lineman Quinn Horton, national defensive lineman Michael Kashak and national linebacker Alex Singleton

May 12: Signed international offensive linemen Byron Pinkston and Ucambre Williams and international defensive back Travis Manning

May 9: Signed international running backs Reggie Whatley and Roy Finch and international receiver DaVaris Daniels

May 6: Signed international defensive linemen Brandon Thurmond, Marcus Thompson and Ridge Wilson. Released international offensive lineman Garry Williams

May 3: Signed international defensive backs Tommie Campbell and Osagie Odiase

May 2: Signed international defensive lineman Josh Francis and international linebacker Jared Brackens


Apr. 28: Signed national receiver Matthew Norzil and international receivers Josh Harper and Jamal Nixon


Feb. 13: Signed national linebacker James Green

Feb. 11: Acquired a fourth-round pick in the 2017 draft from the Saskatchewan Roughriders in exchange for national defensive back Tevaughn Campbell

Feb. 10: Signed international receiver Bakari Grant and international linebacker Taylor Reed

Feb. 9: National receiver Jabari Arthur, national long snapper Randy Chevrier, international defensive lineman DeQuin Evans, international receiver Jeff Fuller, national linebacker Karl McCartney and international defensive back Keon Raymond became free agents

Feb. 8: Signed national running back Jerome Messam

Feb. 5: Released international defensive lineman Freddie Bishop III

Feb. 4: Re-signed national defensive lineman Ben D’Aguilar

Feb. 1: Re-signed national linebacker Corbin Sharun; released international offensive lineman John Estes


Jan. 20: Released international receiver Eric Rogers

Jan. 18: Re-signed international defensive lineman Micah Johnson

Jan. 12: Signed international receiver Kamar Jorden; released international offensive lineman Edwin Harrison and international kicker returner/running back Tim Brown

Jan. 11: Extended international defensive back Brandon Smith

Jan. 8: Re-signed international defensive back Brandon McDonald

Jan. 7: Extended international quarterback Drew Tate

Jan. 6: Signed national quarterback Andrew Buckley; national offensive lineman Brander Craighead retired

Jan. 4: Released nternational linebacker Juwan Simpson 



Dec. 29: Re-signed international defensive lineman Frank Beltre

Dec. 23: Re-signed national receiver Simon Charbonneau-Campeau

Dec. 22: Re-signed international defensive back Joe Burnett

Dec. 21: Re-signed national defensive lineman Junior Turner

Dec. 18: Re-signed national receiver Anthony Parker

Dec. 10: National defensive lineman Corey Mace retired


Nov. 18: Signed national offensive linemen Dimitri Tsoumpas and Gord Hinse; released international defensive back Shaquille Richardson

Nov. 5: Released international defensive back Buddy Jackson.

Nov. 3: Signed international defensive back Uriah Grant; released international defensive lineman Quayshawne Buckley.


Oct. 14: Acquired national running back Jerome Messam and a 2016 fifth-round draft pick from the Saskatchewan Roughriders in return for national kicker Tyler Crapigna, a 2016 third-round draft pick and the nights to a negotiation-list player; released international receiver Joe Anderson, national receiver Matthew Norzil and international defensive lineman Brandon Thurmond from the practice roster

Oct. 13: Signed national receiver Matthew Norzil

Oct. 6: Signed import receiver Joe Anderson and import defensive back Shaquille Richardson; released international quarterback Austin Dodge and national defensive lineman Brandon Tett


Sept. 29: Acquired international offensive lineman Randy Richards from the Saskatchewan Roughriders in return for the rights to national offensive lineman Aaron Picton

Sept. 28: Signed international defensive backs Brandon McDonald and Keith Lewis; released international offensive lineman Nate Menkin

Sept. 21: Acquired international receiver/kick returner Skye Dawson from the Edmonton Eskimos in exchange for a conditional exchange of 2017 draft picks; signed international offensive lineman Derek Dennis

Sept. 16: Signed international defensive lineman Brandon Thurmond

Sept. 15: Signed international quarterback Austin Dodge, international defensive back Travis Manning, international defensive lineman Quayshawne Buckley and national defensive lineman Brandon Tett

Sept. 2: Signed international linebacker Cameron Ontko; released international running back Keith Toston


Aug. 18: Released international linebacker Jasper Simmons

Aug. 10: Signed international running back Keith Toston; released international offensive lineman Andre Ramsey and national linebacker Christopher Johnson


July 28: Signed national receiver Jabari Arhtur, national defensive back Corbin Sharun and international offensive lineman Nate Menkin

July 22: Signed international offensive lineman John Estes

July 21: Signed international receiver Nathan Slaughter and released international receiver Sederrik Cunningham and national defensive lineman Shomari Williams.


June 20: Released international defensive backs Royce Adams and Lin-J Shell, international defensive linemenDemonte’ Bolden and Eric Taylor, international receivers Cory Mitchell, Nathan Slaughter and Dan Buckner, international quarterback Dominique Davis and international running back Keith Toston. National quarterback Andrew Buckley and national offensive lineman Aaron Picton have returned to university.

June 16: Signed international running back/kick returner Tim Brown and national linebacker Christopher Johnson.

June 14: Released national receiver Jabari Arthur, international offensive linemen Rico Forbes and Christian Johnson, international defensive lineman Adrian Hamilton, international linebacker Brandon Harper, national long snapper Kyle Tyo, international defensive back Jeremy Williams, international running back Jock Sandersand international receiver Derrick Joseph.

June 10: Released international defensive back Trevor Coston and international receiver Maudrecus Humphrey

June 9: Signed international receiver Nathan Slaughter and released international linebacker Tahj Jones

June 5: Signed international linebacker Brandon Harper and released international defensive lineman Anthony Woodard

June 2: Signed international offensive lineman Christian Johnson

June 1: Released international offensive lineman Zebrie Sanders


May 31: Signed international receiver Maudrecus Humphrey and national long-snapper Kyle Tyo.

May 28: Signed national offensive linemen Karl Lavoie and Aaron Picton, national receiver Lemar Durant, international offensive lineman Garry Williams and international defensive back Ciante Evans.

May 25: Signed national quarterback Andrew Buckley, national defensive backs Tevaughn Campbell andDexter Jenke, international defensive backs Royce Adams and Trevor Coston, international offensive linemanRico Forbes, international linebackers Maleki Harris and Tahj Jones, international receiver Greg Wilson and international defensive lineman Anthony Woodard; released national running back Bo Palmer, international linebacker Maalik Bomar and international receiver Nicholas Johnson; international offensive lineman Cory Brandon has been place on the retired list.

May 14: Signed international receivers Cory Mitchell, international receiver Derrick Joseph and international running back Tory Harrison. Released national linebacker Yannick Carter and national offensive lineman Billy Peach

May 5: Acquired international offensive lineman Zebrie Sanders in a trade with Winnipeg in exchange for international defensive back Ryan Mouton. Released international defensive linemen Brandon Jordan, Risean Broussard, Brandon Denmark, Andrew Mahan and Chris McAllister, international defensive backs Brandon Underwood, Freddy Griggs and Arthur Hobbs, international receiver Stephen Burton and international running back Timothy Flanders


April 10: Signed international defensive back Joe Burnett 

April 9: Re-signed international defensive tackle Micah Johnson


March 18: Signed international offensive lineman Cory Brandon, international defensive lineman Adrian Hamilton, international running back Timothy Flanders, international defenslive lineman Chris McAllister, international receiver Nick Johnson, international defensive lineman Andrew Mahan and international defensive lineman Risean Broussard

March 11: Signed national receiver Jabari Arthur to a contract extension

March 10: Signed national linebacker Shomari Williams

March 9: Signed international linebacker Deron Mayo to a contract extension

March 6: Signed international defensive lineman Eric Taylor

March 3: Signed international quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell to a contract extension

March 2: Signed international linebacker Juwan Simpson to a contract extension


Feb. 26: Signed international defensive back Joshua Bell to a contract extension

Feb. 25: Signed national offensive lineman Dan Federkeil to a contract extension

Feb. 24: Signed international running back Keith Toston and international quarterback Dominique Davis

Feb. 18: Signed national kicker/punter Tyler Crapigna, national defensive lineman Derek Wiggan and international defensive back Ryan Mouton

Feb. 17: Signed national offensive lineman Paul Swiston

Feb. 11: Re-signed international offensive lineman Edwin Harrison; signed international defensive linemanBrandon Boudreaux

Feb. 10: International offensive lineman Stanley Bryant, international offensive lineman Edwin Harrison, international defensive lineman Micah Johnson, national offensive lineman Brett Jones, international receiverNik Lewis, national linebacker Keenan MacDougall and national receiver Brad Sinopoli became free agents

Feb. 4: Signed international running back/kick returner Jock Sanders to a contract extension

Feb. 3: Signed international defensive back Fred Bennett to a contract extension

Feb. 2: Signed international defensive back Freddy Griggs and international defensive lineman Brandon Denmark


Jan. 26: Signed international defensive back Arthur Hobbs Jr. and international receiver Stephen Burton

Jan. 22: Signed international receiver Marquay McDaniel to a contract extension

Jan. 21: Signed national defensive lineman Corey Mace to a contract extension

Jan. 20:  Signed international defensive back Jamar Wall to a contract extension

Jan. 19Signed international quarterback Drew Tate to a contract extension

Jan. 15: Acquired international linebacker Jasper Simmons and international receiver Dan Buckner from Ottawa in exchange for international receiver Maurice Price; Released international running backs Hugh Charles andMartell Mallett and national receiver Chris Bauman

Jan. 14: Re-signed international linebacker Glenn Love

Jan. 12: Re-signed national running back Matt Walter

Jan. 8: Re-signed national receiver Simon Charbonneau-Campeau



Dec. 15: Re-signed international defensive back Brandon Smith


Nov. 14: Signed national running back Bo Palmer

Nov. 6: Released international quarterback Nathan Stanley, international offensive lineman Nyere Aumaitre, international defensive back Ryan Mouton and international linebacker TraShaun Nixon


Oct. 22: Signed national receiver Chris Bauman; released international defensive lineman Quinton Spears

Oct. 13: Signed international quarterback Nathan Stanley, international offensive lineman Nyere Aumaitre, international linebacker TraShaun Nixon, international defensive lineman Quinton Spears and international defensive backs Ryan Mouton and Brandon Underwood to the practice roster; released international quarterback Casey Pachall and international linebacker Alvin Bowen.


Sept. 30: Signed international defensive lineman Brandon Jordan

Sept. 26: Released international defensive lineman Caesar Rayford

Sept. 24: Signed international receiver Kamar Jorden to the practice roster

Sept. 23: Signed international defensive lineman Caesar Rayford to the practice roster

Sept 17: Signed international quarterback Casey Pachall to the practice roster

Sept. 10: Signed international defensive lineman Frank Beltre to the practice roster; released international defensive lineman Corvey Irvin

Sept. 3: Released international defensive back Brandon McDonald


Aug. 28: Added international defensive back Quincy Butler to practice roster; released international running backTory Harrison

Aug. 20: Signed international defensive lineman Corvey Irvin

Aug. 13: Signed international running back Tory Harrison


July 28: Signed international running back Hugh Charles

July 16: Signed international defensive back Brandon McDonald, released international defensive back Torin Harris

July 11: Released international defensive back Ryan Steed 

July 7: Signed international receiver Eric Rogers to the practice roster


June 27: Signed international running back Martell Mallett and placed him on one-game injury list; eleased international receiver Jeremy Horne from the practice roster

June 21: Released offensive lineman Korian Chambers (I), defensive lineman Kevin Dixon (I), receiver Robert Holland (I), running back Martell Mallett (I), receiver Yannick Morin-Plante (N), receiver Marcus Rucker(I) and quarterback Rusty Smith (I)

June 15: Released receiver Damian Ford (I), receiver Aldarius Johnson (I), linebacker Trent Mackey (I), receiver Damon McDaniel (I), defensive back Jeff Richards (I), defensive lineman Monte Simmons (I) and defensive back Dee Webb (I)

June 11: Signed import receiver Jeremy Horne, import defensive lineman Monte Simmons and import defensive back Torin Harris

June 10: Released import defensive linemen Brandon Williams and Kayvon Sherrill and import defensive backs Darrian Skinner and Otis Merrill

June 6: Released import linebacker Gerald McRath

June 4: Signed import quarterback Rusty Smith and import linebacker Trent Mackey; released import quarterback Brian Hudson

June 2: Signed import defensive back Jeff Richards

June 1: Released non-import receiver Michael DiCroce


May 29: Signed non-import offensive lineman Pierre Lavertu, non-import defensive back Adam Thibault and import defensive lineman Kayvon Sherrill

May 27: Signed import linebacker Maalik Bomer, non-import linebacker Max Caron, non-import offensive lineman Joe Circelli, non-import kicker/punter Tyler Crapigna, non-import receiver Michael DiCroce, import defensive lineman DeQuin Evans, import receiver Damian Ford, import receiver Robert Holland, import receiver Aldarius Johnson, non-import fullback Brian Marshall, import receiver Damon McDaniel, import linebacker Gerald McRath, import defensive back Darrian Skinner, non-import defensive lineman Quinn Smith, non-import defensive lineman Derek Wiggan and import defensive lineman Craig Wilkins

May 23: Signed import quarterbacks Brian Hudson and Bryant Moniz; suspended import defensive backQuincy Butler; retired import quarterback Adrian McPherson

May 21: Aqcuired import defensive back Dee Webb from Hamilton in exchange for a conditional 2015 draft choice; signed free-agent import defensive back Lin-J Shell; released import defensive back Jonathan Hefneyand import receiver Tim Hawthorne

May 8: Signed import receivers Sederrick Cunningham and Marcus Rucker, import offensive lineman Korian Chambers, import defensive lineman Brandon Williams and import defensive back Jeremy Williams. Released non-import fullback Wilkerson DeSouza, non-import receiver Chris Bauman, import defensive backs Coryell Judie and O’Hara Fluellen, import linebackers Kyle Voss and Keith Pough, import defensive linemen Joe Sykes and Brandon Johnson, import receiver Raymond Radway and non-import linebacker Ryland Smith.


March 25: Signed import defensive lineman Brandon Johnson and import defensive back Ryan Steed

March 14: Signed import defensive lineman Kevin Dixon

March 3: Signed import defensive end Charleston Hughes to a contract extension


Feb. 28: Signed import linebacker Kyle Voss and import defensive back Otis Merril

Feb. 25: Acquired a fifth-round pick (40th overall) in the 2014 CFL Draft from Montreal in exchange for import kick returner Larry Taylor and a 2014 fifth-round pick (43rd overall) – the deal also included conditional 2015 draft picks; signed import kick returner Jock Sanders

Feb. 24: Signed import defensive lineman Joe Sykes

Feb. 13: Signed import linebacker Deron Mayo to a contract extension

Feb. 12: Signed import defensive back Joshua Bell and non-import receiver Anthony Parker

Feb. 11:  Traded non-import defensive lineman Justin Phillips and a third-round pick in 2014 (23rd overall) to Ottawa in exchange for third-round picks in 2014 (19th overall) and 2015; non-import receiver Johnny Forzani, import linebacker Malik Jackson, import defensive lineman Cordarro Law, non-import defensive lineman Etienne Legare and non-import receiver Anthony Parker became free agents

Feb. 10: Signed import linebacker Keith Pough and import defensive back O’Hara Fluellen; traded the rights to import defensive back Chris Randle and the third-round pick in 2014 (26th overall) to Winnipeg in exchange for a third-round pick in 2014 (24th overall)

Feb. 4: Re-signed import defensive lineman Demonte’ Bolden


Jan. 31: Signed non-import offensive lineman Spencer Wilson to a contract extension

Jan. 30: Re-signed non-import long snapper Randy Chevrier

Jan. 29: Announced retirement of non-import offensive lineman Dimitri Tsoumpas

Jan. 28: Re-signed non-import fullback Tim St. Pierre

Jan. 27: Signed import defensive back Keon Raymond to a contract extension

Jan. 23: Signed non-import linebackers Ryland Smith and Akeem Whonder

Jan. 22: Re-signed non-import defensive back Jeff Hecht

Jan. 21: Signed import defensive back Coryell Judie and import receiver Raymond Radway

Jan 20: Re-signed import defensive back Fred Bennett 

Jan. 17: Signed import receiver Joe West to a contract extension

Jan. 16: Re-signed import defensive back Jamar Wall

Jan. 15: Re-signed non-import fullback Rob Cote

Jan. 14: Signed import quarterbacks Drew Tate and Bo Levi Mitchell to contract extensions

Jan. 13: Signed import receiver Jeff Fuller to contract extension

Jan. 10: Re-signed import linebacker Juwan Simpson

Jan. 9: Signed import running back Martell Mallett

Jan. 8: Signed non-import running back Charlie Power, non-import receiver Yannick Morin-Plante and non-import offensive lineman Brad Erdos

Jan. 7: Signed import quarterback Adrian McPherson

Jan. 6: Acquired non-import receiver Simon Charbonneau-Campeau in a trade with Hamilton in exchange for non-import receiver Spencer Armstrong



Dec 30: Released import defensive back Derrius Brooks

Dec. 20: Re-signed non-import receiver Jabari Arthur

Dec. 18: Signed non-import offensive lineman Brander Craighead

Dec. 16: Import quarterback Kevin Glenn, non-import offensive lineman J’Micheal Deane and non-import safety Eric Fraser selected by the Ottawa Redblacks in the 2013 CFL Expansion Draft

Dec 5: Re-signed import wide receiver Maurice Price


Nov. 18: Released import defensive lineman Kevin Huntley; import running back Clifton Smith, import receiverKenny Stafford, import defensive linemen Oren Wilson and Earl Okine removed from practice roster

Nov. 6: Signed import defensive lineman Oren Wilson


Oct. 31: Released import quarterback Tim Jenkins, import running back Stefphon Jefferson, import receiverKamar Jorden and import defensive back Jamar Hornsby

Oct. 22: Signed import quarterback Tim Jenkins

Oct. 14: Signed import defensive lineman Earl Okine; Released import DL Martin Parker

Oct. 2: Signed import running back Stefphon Jefferson, import defensive lineman Martin Parker, import receiver Kamar Jorden and import defensive backs Jamar Hornsby and Buddy Jackson; Released import running back Jonathan Williams


Sept. 27: Released import receiver Alric Arnett

Sept. 14: Signed import running back Clifton Smith and import receiver Jeff Fuller

Sept. 9: Released import receiver Greg Carr

Sept. 5: Released import defensive back Demetrice Morley, import quarterback Ryan Perrilloux and import running back Denodus O’Bryant


Aug. 28: Signed import linebacker Glenn Love and import receivers Kenny Stafford and Alric Arnett

Aug. 21: Released import linebacker Akeem Davis

Aug. 20: Signed import running back/kick returner Denodus O’Bryant and import linebacker Akeem Davis

Aug. 16: Receiver Yannick Morin-Plante and fullback Charlie Power returned to their respective universities

Aug. 13: Signed non-import fullback Wilkerson DeSouza

Aug. 5: Signed non-import receiver Spencer Armstrong. Released import defensive lineman Marvin Booker. Traded non-import offensive lineman Steve Myddelton to BC Lions for a conditional 2014 CFL Draft pick.


July 16: Signed import defensive lineman Freddie Bishop.

July 8: Signed import receiver Greg Carr. Released import offensive lineman Na’Shan Goddard.


June 26: Signed import defensive lineman Kevin Huntley. Released import defensive lineman Luis Vasquez.

June 22: Released import defensive lineman Stevie Baggs, import defensive back Troy Butler, import running back LaMarcus Coker, non-import running back Wilkerson DeSouza, import defensive lineman Kevin Dixon, import receiver Josh Jarboe, import receiver Brandon Kinnie, non-import defensive lineman Andrew Marshall, import receiver Khalil Paden, import defensive back Romeo Pellum

June 18: Signed import defensive back Jonathan Hefney

June 16: Released import offensive lineman Leonardo Bates, import receivers Josue PaulShaky Smithsonand Terence Jeffers-Harris, import defensive lineman Aronde Stanton, import linebacker Rod Davis and import defensive backs Jerett Sanderson and Jalil Johnson.

June 11: Signed import defensive lineman Kevin Dixon, import receiver Josh Jarboe and non-import offensive lineman Dale Stevenson; activated import quarterback Ryan Perrilloux from suspended list; released import quarterback Jimmy Coy, import receiver Raymond Webber, import defensive lineman Swanson Miller and import defensive back Reggie Jones.

June 6: Released non-import offensive lineman Stu Van Dusen.

June 4: Signed import receiver Khalil Paden. Released import receiver Donavon Kemp.

June 2: Signed import defensive lineman Shawn Lemon and import quarterback Jimmy Coy. Released import defensive lineman Kevin Dixon. Suspended import quarterback Ryan Perrilloux.


May 29: Signed non-import offensive lineman Brett Jones, import receiver Brandon Kinnie, import defensive lineman Swanson Miller and import defensive back Jalil Johnson. Released import defensive lineman Moe Fountain.

May 28: Signed import defensive lineman Marvin Booker and import offensive lineman Leonardo Bates

May 27: Signed import quarterback Ryan Perrilloux, import running back Jonathan Williams, import receiverJosue Paul, import defensive lineman Micah Johnson and non-import offensive lineman Stu Van Dusen. Defensive lineman Elisha Joseph retired.

May 23: Signed import receiver Donavon Kemp, import defensive lineman Aronde Stanton and import defensive back Jerett Sanderson

May 22: Signed import receiver Tim Hawthorne and import defensive back Troy Butler

May 21: Signed non-import fullback Charlie Power, non-import receiver Yannikc Morin-Plante, non-import defensive lineman Ben D’Aguilar and non-import offensive lineman Shane Bergman and released import defensive linemen Markell Carter, Wayne Dorsey and Alex Watkins, import linebacker Demetri Stewart and import defensive backs Jeremy Caldwell and Gary Wilburn

May 6: Acquired non-import defensive lineman Etienne Legare from the Edmonton Eskimos in exchange for a fourth-round selection in the 2013 CFL Canadian Draft


Apr. 25: Signed non-import defensive lineman Andrew Marshall and placed non-import receiver Dalin Tollestrup on the retired list

Apr. 8: Acquired non-import offensive lineman Dan Federkeil from Toronto in exchange for non-import linebacker Akwasi Antwi


Mar. 15: Signed import defensive lineman Moe Fountain and import receiver Raymond Webber

Mar. 14: Signed import defensive backs Reggie JonesRomeo Pellum and Gary Wilburn

Mar. 13: Signed import quarterback Darron Thomas, import linebacker Alvin Bowen and import defensive back Jeremy Caldwell

Mar. 13: Announced the retirement of import defensive lineman Dorian Smith

Mar. 12: Announced the retirement of non-import linebacker Marc Calixte


Mar. 11: Signed import defensive linemen Markell CarterWayne DorseyElisha Joseph and Alex Watkins and released non-import offensive lineman Obby Khan


Feb 26: Signed non-import linebacker Yannick Carter

Feb. 25: Signed free-agent import linebacker Rod Davis

Feb. 25: Released import defensive lineman Anwar Stewart and import receiver/kick returner Jason Armstead

Feb. 15: Signed import offensive lineman Stanley Bryant

Feb. 8: Signed non-import receiver Dalin Tollestrup

Feb. 7: Signed non-import safety Eric Fraser, who had been eligible for CFL free agency on Feb. 15

Feb. 7: Announced the retirement of non-import receiver Arjei Franklin

Feb. 5: Signed import receiver Terence Jeffers-Harris

Feb. 5: Signed import linebacker Demetri Stewart

Feb. 5: Released import DL Chris McCoy in order to allow him to sign NFL contract


Jan. 30: Signed non-import defensive back Adam Berger

Jan. 30: Announced release of import receiver Romby Bryant and import defensive lineman Kenny Pettway

Jan. 30: Announced the retirement of non-import offensive lineman Jonathan St-Pierre

Jan. 29: Signed import kick returner/receiver Larry Taylor, who had been eligible for CFL free agency on Feb. 15

Jan. 28: Signed non-import defensive lineman Junior Turner to a contract extension

Jan. 24: Signed import receiver Marquay McDaniel to a contract extension

Jan. 22: Signed import linebacker Deron Mayo to a contract extension

Jan. 17: Signed non-import defensive lineman Justin Phillips, who had been eligible for CFL free agency on Feb. 15

Jan. 16: Signed non-import linebacker Karl McCartney to a contract extension

Jan. 10: Signed non-import kicker Rene Paredes to a contract extension