June 23, 2017

Jamar Wall: Game Blog

Defensive back Jamar Wall during a game on Sept. 17, 2016 (Photo by David Moll)

We were closing in, we were gaining momentum and the rain had started. We knew they were doing a lot of running, so I knew if I had the chance, I was going for the ball. The ball is slick when it’s wet, so I squared the running back up and I felt I had the opportunity to punch the ball out. It happened and I was lucky to get the recovery and we scored right after that.

I don’t know how that interception happened. Thankful that it did happen, as it was another momentum changer.

We came out in a tie and we can’t put that on one thing. We had some mistakes on our side of the ball that could have prevented that. That’s going to be a highlight.

They’re a tough team. They remind me a lot of ourselves. They have a good offence, they have a hard-nosed defence and they never stop fighting. I feel like that’s a spitting image of us. That’s why it’s such a hard fought game every single time we play them. It shows, we’ve gone to overtime every single time. We’ve got two teams that never quit, that’s why it happens.

We need to go make our corrections. I still feel like we’re the better team. Not discrediting them by any means, but we had a lot of mistakes that could have prevented some things. We had a lot of tips and things that we should have come down with and that could have been another game changer. You’ve got to expect the same thing from them. They’re going to come back, regroup, they’ll watch film and come back with the same effort.

It was good to get the game ball. I wasn’t really expecting it. I thought it was going to the whole defence, that’s what I would have done. But I’m thankful for that, it’s good when you’re the guy getting the game ball.