September 7, 2018


It’s Week 10 and the Stampeders’ Style is a 10/10! Here’s a few examples of our stylish players!

Follow along with the Stamps Style Blog throughout the season for a glimpse of the fashion forward road get ups worn by the players.

Comfort was the name of the game on the team’s road trip to Edmonton and running back Terry Williams stayed comfy and stylish with a Stamps satin starter jacket!

It’s definitely a college, high-school varsity style jacket. I really like them. Eric Rogers wore it first, but his had the black numbers. They gave me white and I like that way better.

A staple on the fashion blog, DaVaris Daniels stayed cozy while rocking the Red & White from head to toe.

I feel real good. I’ve got the sandals, some Stampeders sweat gear. I didn’t want to do too much on the short trip, I just wanted to be comfortable on the bus.

With a short trip up the road, it’s a lot better to be in sweats than a tight suit the whole way. You can get a more comfortable sleep on the drive.

With comfort in mind, Defensive Coordinator DeVone Claybrooks kept true to form with the ball cap titled to the side, accompanied by some Stamps sweats.

We had three buses this trip, so guys were able to stretch out and I was highly comfortable this trip.

Your body is more relaxed with all the comfortable clothing on, and when you have a relaxed body, you have a relaxed state of mind. Hopefully it relays over to the football field.