November 24, 2018


EDMONTON – Low-key Bo.

Nothing Earth-shaking. Nothing seismic. Nothing revolutionary.

“Don’t change anything, man,” said the Stampeders’ famously laid-back QB, during his final media availability before Sunday’s 106th Grey Cup, at Commonwealth Stadium.

“Just continue to strive to be the best player you can.

“That’s how I’m always preparing.

“I’m gonna put my feet up, continue to watch film. As Dave always says: The hay’s never in the barn.

“You can always keep trying to find things out, learn about your opponent, until kick-off happens.”

The morning plan – kick-off is at 4 p.m. MST – is for wife Madison to whip up the traditional egg sandwich, and then the now two-time MOP will chill, listen to music and scour over game notes he’s prepared in trying to break down the Ottawa Redblacks resistance.

Old teammates such as Rob Cote, Keon Raymond have reached out during the week to offer support via text or e-mail. The retired Deron May told Mitchell: Hey, man. Finish the thing.

A mentor, former Grey Cup-winning Stampeder quarterback Jeff Garcia, also sent best wishes.

“Just the normal advice a friend would give you – keep your head on straight, be prepared, give it everything you’ve got,” Mitchell replied when asked what the NFL Pro Bowler had relayed his way.

“It’s their way of saying ‘Get it down for us, too,’” reasoned Mitchell. “It’s good to get those texts.”

Quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell, shown during Saturday’s walk through at Commonwealth Stadium, said the Stampeders ‘are competing for each other’ this Grey Cup. (Photo by Candice Ward)

In endeavouring to break Calgary’s two-year championship hoodoo, coach Dave Dickenson has tweaked his pre-game prep this week, shifting the team headquarters to southerly confines, outside the glare of the Grey Cup pocket, and moved into Commonwealth an extra day to get used to the surroundings.

“Honestly, having our hotel outside the city was kinda nice,” confessed Mitchell. “Not being around all the festitivies, the extra fans, all the extra things going on.

“Sometimes that can make you feel within the lights, I guess. Instead of just being here to play a football game.”

The extra practice day Friday at the game site was another new wrinkle. Considering the amount of chatter about the slick artificial terrain the teams are going to encounter, familiarity was key.

“Guys were just trying to find their footing,” said Mitchell. “That’s going to be a big part of the game. A tough part but it’ll be a part of it, nonetheless.”

The before the big game, both the Redblacks and Stamps are champing at the bit.

“It’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other,” noted Mitchell. “For the Stampeders, man, we got tight-knit as a group. We’re competing for each other. We lost a lot of brothers (through injury) who would love to be in this game so we want to do it for them.

“But ultimately, just don’t make it too big. Just lock-in to the game. It’s a football game.

“Go out and beat another team.”