July 26, 2019

Player Blog: Wynton Mcmanis

I had a good night against the Ottawa RedBlacks, but honestly, it really feels good to just come out with the win.

A lot of that stuff – all the stats – that just comes with playing the game and I credit my success tonight to my defensive line. My defensive backs did an awesome job I was playing off of them.

The decision really came down to the last minute of the game, but I’m so happy we got the win. The CFL is exciting, it’s an exciting league. It’s a full game, you really can’t leave early, you just can’t. You have to play the full game until the clock says zero because anything can happen – and we’ll always fight until the end.

Moving forward we just need to keep communicating, make sure we tackle better and most importantly, keep each other’s backs.

The offence may have struggled a little bit last night, but we’ve got their backs. And one of these games we might struggle on defence and the offence will have our back. As long as we keep that camaraderie as a team we’ll be alright this season.

Next weekend, the Eskimos are coming to Calgary.

With the rivalry, I’m expecting a hard-fought game, a physical game.

We’re excited, ready to get to it.

And we expect to come out on top.