November 5, 2023

Mark Kilam on Charlie Power’s Retirement

I feel so grateful for having the opportunity to coach someone like Charlie Power. It’s one thing to come back from serious injury but it’s another to come back and have one of your best years in the CFL in your final season and that’s what he did. He played the most big 4 snaps out of anyone on our team. He finished second in special teams tackles on our team.  I challenged Charlie to take on a leadership role and he embraced it and kept the special teams units together. He continued to put his body in the line of fire – taking the hard hits and doing the hard jobs we needed to do, to play winning football.

Charlie was consistent in everything he did and showed up to work every day with his hard hat on ready to do whatever the team needed him to do. I am so proud to have coached him his entire career and he will go down as the gold standard for what we look for in our foundational special teams players. Physical, fearless and always team above self. Thanks for the moments together Charlie, it has been an honour to watch you grow into the man you are today.

Love Killer.