Geoff Crane

Attending open tryout can pay off

February 10, 2017 | Geoff Crane
All Osagie Odiase wanted was an opportunity to prove what he can do on a football field. He knew if given the chance, he could make the most of that opportunity. Eric Rogers, a former teammate of ...

Cheering from Section S

November 14, 2016 | Geoff Crane
Andrew Buckley is as Calgary as they come, having been born and raised in the city and now playing for the local football heroes as the short-yardage quarterback in his rookie season. A big part ...

Cote’s memories at McMahon

November 3, 2016 | Geoff Crane
On Nov. 20, McMahon Stadium will be home to the 2016 Western Final that will feature the hometown Calgary Stampeders including Cochrane native and long-time CFL fan Rob Cote. It’s no secret the ...

Making a name for himself

October 11, 2016 | Geoff Crane
It’s not the most common name and it has caused some to pause a moment as they try to sort out it’s pronunciation but rest assured, with his dominating play on Calgary’s defensive line, the name ...

Disturbing the peace

September 17, 2016 | Geoff Crane
It’s no secret in football that if you make the quarterback’s life miserable, your odds of winning improve dramatically. For Charleston Hughes and his ruthless gang of defensive line colleagues, ...

Stampeders Anthem Singer: Justine Tyrell

September 15, 2016 | Geoff Crane
She’s been doing it full time since 2015 and still to this day, when Justine Tyrell steps on to the turf to sing the Canadian National Anthem before every Calgary Stampeders home game, her heart ...

Marquay leads the way

August 5, 2016 | Geoff Crane
In his eighth season in the CFL, Marquay McDaniel continues to be a reliable target for Stampeders quarterbacks by extending drives and scoring touchdowns. Thursday night against the visiting ...

Patience pays off

July 30, 2016 | Geoff Crane
Down 41-26 in the fourth quarter with 2:19 left to play, many Stampeders fans in the stands began to leave to try and beat the traffic and start their long weekend. Unfortunately for them, the ...

Gearing up for the long haul

July 19, 2016 | Geoff Crane
Coming off an early-season bye week, the Calgary Stampeders are ready to hit the field running and, judging by their schedule, there is some serious hay to be made. Right off the bat, the Stamps ...

Special Teams, Special Job

July 1, 2016 | Geoff Crane
Special teams players rarely get a lot of recognition, except for kickers who are often under the lights in high-pressure situations as they stare down a potential game-changing field-goal ...